Status Effects: Resisted by Ribbon – 14 shown
Positive status effects are generally beneficial; negative status effects are generally harmful; special status effects can only be inflicted by certain materia commands
This status is negated by its opposed status
Type Duration Effect
Berserk - Negative Temporary Character attacks uncontrollably but deals 50% extra damage
Confusion - Negative Temporary Character will attack allies, effect ends when hit by any physical attack
Darkness - Negative Temporary Halves the accuracy of the character's weapon attacks (no effect on monsters)
Death-sentence - Negative Temporary Character dies when the timer runs out
Frog - Negative Temporary Character deals 1/4 physical damage and can only Fight, use Items, or cast Toad
Fury Sadness Negative Permanent Character has 30% less accuracy, but limit bar growth is doubled
Paralyzed - Negative Temporary Character cannot act
Petrify - Negative Temporary Character cannot act but is immune to damage and status effects
Poison - Negative Temporary Character repeatedly takes 1/32 of max HP damage
Sadness Fury Negative Permanent Character takes 30% less damage, but limit bar growth is halved
Silence - Negative Temporary Character cannot use magic
Sleep - Negative Temporary Character cannot act, but is woken by any physical attack
Slow-numb - Negative Temporary Character will be afflicted with Petrify when the timer runs out
Small - Negative Temporary Character deals 1 damage with all physical attacks
Items of Interest: Ribbon – 2 shown
Item Type
Whether this item can be found or collected multiple times
Area Screen Details
Ribbon Item No Temple of the Ancients Temple of the Ancients (Stair Maze) Open the chest near the door that leads to V on the clock
Ribbon Item No Gaea's Cliff Inside of Gaea's Cliff (Lower Cave Entrance) Open the chest in the hidden room in the southeast corner (walk through the wall past the ice bridge)
Battle Square Battles: Where Ribbon is Won – 1 shown
The special battle must be unlocked by fulfilling certain requirements
When this battle is available; only one regular battle is available at any given time
The starting encounters that indicate that you will be competing against group 1 during a regular battle
Encounter Group 1
The starting encounters that indicate that you will be competing against group 2 during a regular battle
Encounter Group 2
Which characters can participate in this battle, subject to both timing and special rules
The potential rewards for competing in the battle square; these don't include items that can be purchased with earned battle points
Area Screen
Special Battle Special Battle After learning Omnislash and obtaining the Ultima Weapon and W-Summon Materia Sea Worm - Cloud Final Attack Materia
Combat Diary
Battle Points
Gold Saucer Arena Lobby
Gold Saucer Prizes: Ribbon – 1 shown
Prize Screen
Which Gold Saucer event awards this prize
The difficulty level the event must be played on to win this prize
Whether this prize can be won multiple times
Ribbon Arena Lobby Battle Square Special Battle Win ten times No
Monsters: With Ribbon – 2 shown
Limited monsters never appear in random encounters; bosses are involved in important plot fights; special bosses and the final bosses are specifically called out as well; super bosses represent the greatest challenge in the game; Battle Square monsters only appear in the Battle Square; chocobos only appear in certain areas when using a Chocobo Lure and can be caught
Level HP MP Attack
The base physical damage dealt by this monster's abilities; physical damage abilities typically deal damage as a multiple of this value (P)
Base P
Magic atk
The base magic damage dealt by this monster's abilities; magic damage abilities typically deal damage as a multiple of this value (M)
Base M
This is the damage a monster will take compared to the base damage of a physical attack
Phys. Vuln.
Magic def
This is the damage a monster will take compared to the base damage of a magic attack
Magic Vuln.
Note that party members get a +50 bonus to Dexterity during combat which monsters do not
Luck Elemental Vulnerability Status Immunity EXP AP Gil
The rate of Steal success per item by a character of equal level to the monster; these rates will change based on the level difference between the Stealing character and the monster; hover over a percentage to see the base rate (which is based on being 10 levels higher than the monster); this rate is multiplied by 80%±2% per level difference; only one item can be stolen, so an increase in level may in some cases decrease the effective Steal rate of items later in the list
A monster will never drop an item if an item was Stolen from it during the battle; only monsters present in the final battle of a multi-battle sequence may drop items
Ho-chu 39 4,300 290 96 564 86 750 68 86% 94 81% 1% 95 20 Absorb: Poison
Invalid: Gravity
Weak: Water
Defend: Sleep, Small, Frog, Stop, Poison, Paralyzed, Petrify, Manipulate, Death, Death-sentence 750 70 2,500 gil Circlet (11.2%) - Ribbon
Master Tonberry 77 44,444 100 150 2670 130 1242 136 73% 150 70% 1% 70 0 Absorb: Gravity Defend: Sleep, Small, Confusion, Silence, Frog, Berserk, Petrify, Slow-numb, Manipulate, Death, Death-sentence 6,000 200 6,800 gil Elixir (41.2%) Megalixir (14.1%) Ribbon