Final Fantasy VI Guide

A guide containing everything you need to know about Final Fantasy VI (also known as Final Fantasy III for the SNES). Find every Item, Rage, Lore, and Esper, and put them all to the most efficient use. As in most Final Fantasy games, knowledge is power, but this is especially true of Final Fantasy VI. Plan your assaults by exploiting enemy weaknesses and maximizing the power of your espers (don't forget the level-up bonuses!).

A step-by-step breakdown of the game's plot, hidden areas, and general strategies.

A guide to every item you can wager and win in the Colosseum, and details on your opponents' tactics.

Similar to Spells but learned from monsters, they tend to use rarer Elements like Water and Wind or inflict Statuses.

A list of the full effects of each rage, both defensive and offensive.