Elemental Vulnerability
Fire Ice Thunder Water Wind Earth Pearl Poison
Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal No Effect
Status Vulnerability
Dark Zombie Poison Imp Petrify Wound Condemned Near Fatal Mute
Prevent Prevent Prevent Prevent Prevent Prevent Prevent Prevent Prevent
Berserk Muddled Seizure Psyche Slow Stop Freeze Charm HP Leak
Prevent Prevent Prevent Prevent Prevent Prevent Normal Normal Normal
Clear Float Image Regen Haste Shell Safe Reflect Life 3
Prevent Normal Prevent Normal Prevent Prevent Prevent Prevent Normal
Ultima (3/4) Havoc Wing (1/4)
Abilities: Used by Kefka – 10 shown
Monster abilities cannot normally be used by characters; character abilities are learned by specific characters and are covered in this guide under the appropriate section; spells are normal spells that characters can learn; lores are monster abilities that can be learned by Strago; esper abilities are the results of summoning; dance moves are used while dancing; special attacks are used by some characters in certain circumstances; item abilities are how items function
Whether this ability is physical or magical in nature; the game determines hits and damage differently for each; item abilities have non-random effects
The targets available to this ability; many abilities can target either allies or foes, and the note here signifies which they target by default; a double dagger (‡) indicates that an ability can hit all targets on either side of a pincer attack or side attack at the same time
The estimated average amount of damage this ability will deal to a target with 128 Mag.Def when used by this monster; actual damage will vary considerably based on the target's Defense or Mag.Def and other factors, but this is a good measure of the relative danger of this ability; a dagger (†) indicates that the ability ignores defense; fractional damage estimates are based on the maximum HP of characters of a similar level to the monster
The base power of this ability, which determines the amount of damage or healing it does; a dagger (†) indicates that the attack ignores defense, making it more powerful than other abilities with the same Bat.Pwr; fractional damage is based on current HP or MP values and always ignores Defense; healing, MP restoration, HP draining, and MP draining or damaging attacks are indicated by their text color
How likely this ability is to connect; abilities with a 100% hit rate always connect unless some effect prevents them entirely
Hit Rate
Special circumstances that allow this ability to be resisted; mouse over the terms to learn more
The status effects inflicted or removed by this ability
Bolt 3 Magic One/All Foes 1,707 120 53 150 Reflect, Runic Thunder - -
Fallen One Magic All Foes 5,099 - 20 100% - - - -
Fire 3 Magic One/All Foes 1,721 121 51 150 Reflect, Runic Fire - -
Goner Magic All Foes 1,565 220 20 100% - - - -
HyperDrive Magic One Foe 3,382 118 - 100% Runic - Seizure -
Ice 3 Magic One/All Foes 1,736 122 52 150 Reflect, Runic Ice - -
Meteor Magic All Foes 1,032 36 62 100% - - - Full damage to all targets
Revenger Magic All Foes - - - 100% - - Clear, Float, Image, Regen, Haste, Shell, Safe, Reflect, Life 3 -
Train Magic All Foes - - - 100% - - Dark, Mute -
Ultima Magic All Foes 2,150 150 80 100% Runic - - -
Encounters: With Kefka – 1 shown
World of Ruin encounters cannot be found in the World of Balance; unique encounters are found as set encounters or treasure guardians, but never as a random battle; legendary dragons are unique monsters that are found in the World of Ruin; special bosses have unique music and immense power; the final bosses are the last creatures fought in the game
Any encounters you've seen that appear on the Veldt will appear in groups; each encounter goes to the next group with at least one available encounter in it; encounters with no value listed do not appear on the Veldt
Veldt Group
Exp. GP Magic Points
The range of levels of monsters found in this encounter; level directly impacts the damage done by a monster's attacks, and is a good general indicator of the difficulty of any given encounter
Each party member must run long enough to set their run value to at least this number in order to escape this encounter; side attacks have a run difficulty of zero and it is not possible to run from pincer attacks unless all monsters on one side have been defeated
Run Difficulty
The specific monsters that appear during this encounter
- - - - 71 Can't Run Kefka
Set Encounters: With Kefka – 1 shown
Encounter Area Map Item Won Notes
Kefka - Defeat the enemies in the third tier of the final battle
Maps: Where Kefka is found – 1 shown
World of Ruin maps cannot be found in the World of Balance; persistent maps are found in both the World of Balance as well as the World of Ruin
The random encounters found on this map; if the encounter list changes at certain points during the game, each list is shown here
The number of treasures found on this map
The dance learned by Mog upon fighting a battle on this map; if this dance is used during a battle here, the dancer has no chance of stumbling; different terrain types on the world map have different dances; plains and wastelands use the Wind Song, forests use the Forest Suite, and deserts use the Desert Aria
The price of the inn found on this map; this inn is not necessarily available at all times
Inn Price
The price of the chocobo rental found on this map; this chocobo rental is not necessarily available at all times
Chocobo Price
Save Point Recovery Spring
Whether it is possible to use Warp on this map
Ruin - - - - - - - Yes
Items: Obtained from Kefka – 1 shown
Rare items can be stolen from monsters; limited items are usually found as treasure; strange items can be won in the colosseum
Type Description Price Value
The status effects removed by this item
Megalixir - Recovers party's HP/MP to 100% - 1 GP -