1. Game SystemsLearn how combat works in Final Fantasy VI, and a few pointers on how to maximize your potential.
  2. Party Member MechanicsLearn the ins and outs of your the special character abilities available to you.

Meeting the Returners

  1. Introduction: Assault on NarsheTake an anonymous girl and two imperial soldiers on a mission to infiltrate the town of Narshe and find a frozen Esper.
  2. Escape from NarsheTerra must escape from Narshe with the help of Locke and some Moogles.
  3. Figaro CastleHead to Figaro Castle where you will meet Edgar and Kefka and learn about Figaro's technology.
  4. To South FigaroTraverse the South Figaro Cave to reach the town of South Figaro.
  5. South FigaroTake some time to gear up and gather information in South Figaro.
  6. Mt. KoltsIn order to reach the Returners' Hideout, you'll have to cross Mt. Kolts.
  7. Meeting BanonMeet Banon, leader of the Returners, and decide whether Terra will be his last ray of hope.
  8. Escape Down the Lete RiverWith the Empire closing in, escape down the Lete River.

The Three Scenarios

  1. Choosing a ScenarioChoose your first of three scenarios that must be completed.
  2. Locke's Scenario: South FigaroLocke has to find a way out of South Figaro, and he'll meet a new recruit on the way.
  3. Locke's Scenario: South Figaro CaveNew monsters populate the South Figaro Cave, just in time for Locke to make his way back through it.
  4. Terra's Scenario: Sneaking into NarsheTerra, Edgar, and Banon must find their way past the guards and into Narshe.
  5. Sabin's Scenario: Getting Your BearingsSabin finds himself washed up on a distant shore and must discover the way to get to Narshe.
  6. Sabin's Scenario: The Imperial CampAn Imperial Camp is in Sabin's path, and he'll have to make his way through it.
  7. Sabin's Scenario: The Phantom TrainNew recruit Cyan leads Sabin to the Phantom Forest and within it the Phantom Train.
  8. Sabin's Scenario: Meeting GauWashed up on the Veldt, Sabin and Cyan meet Gau.
  9. Sabin's Scenario: The Serpent TrenchUsing Gau's shiny treasure, the group makes for Nikeah, and from there to Narshe.
  10. Narshe Snowfield BattleEveryone has arrived in Narshe just in time for news of an imperial invasion.