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When inspiration takes me, I don't limit myself to just Final Fantasy and Ultima guides. Guides for other games can be found here.

The classic SNES game was recently released on the Virtual Console, and I made this guide in celebration. Learn where to find everything, how to learn every Combo Tech, and more.

Find everything in this forgotten Zelda clone for the Sega Master System: every bible, every life potion, and every gear upgrade required to take down Golvellius and rescue the Princess!

The Mass Effect 2 guide is focused more on comprehensive lists than mechanical breakdowns. It's the guide that inspired the checklist feature. Give checklists a try!

The classic that introduced Castlevania to Metroid-style gameplay is covered here in full. You'll find interactive maps, tables of where to find everything in the game, combat mechanic breakdowns, secrets and special attacks, and more.