Ultima Guides

More guides coming as I have time. If there's an Ultima game you'd like to see a detailed breakdown for, let me know!

A guide to the world and mechanics of the PC remake of the original Ultima. Includes notes on the various bugs that will explain away some of the oddness of your quest. (Not the whole space ace thing, though.)

The game that started it all! Unless you count Akalabeth. Learn the mechanics behind this classic in its original format, and defeat Mondain!

A guide to the strangest game in the Ultima series. Learn all about the interesting planets, dungeons, and towers that you have no reason to ever explore!

Before Ultima was really Ultima, it was a generic D&D ripoff. This is the first of those games that is also a well-constructed RPG. Learn the secrets of how to defeat Exodus—and what Exodus actually is.