Mission Statement

This site started, more than 10 years ago, as an effort to take the spreadsheets I had made from the bestiary mode of various Final Fantasy remakes and make them more interactive. Since then, I've added a lot of guides and features, but only recently have I seen the need for a specific goal for the site.

The nature of guides like this is, unfortunately, antithetical to how websites are supposed to work. To get the best rankings, you want to maximize engagement, keep users on your site for a long time, and keep them coming back. To maximize revenue, you need to plaster the site with ads users cannot avoid seeing.

None of that fits the use case for a video game guide: someone is looking for a specific bit of information, they find the site, they get the information, and they leave. Maybe they come back when they need more information, or when they play another game the site has a guide for, but there is no long-term engagement needed or desired when using a game guide.

As for ads, I feel like ads have ruined a good portion of the internet. Many sites are essentially unusable without an ad blocker, with content constantly moving as the user tries to work their way around full-screen takeover ads. This site has even had obnoxious, experience-killing ads in the past, though never intentionally. Google Adsense would occasionally add them without confirmation, forcing me to actively opt out to remove them.

As of this writing, Gamer Corner Guides are presented ad-free. I'm not against generating revenue, nor against all ads on principle, but enough is enough. I don't want to be part of the problem.

The goal of this site is to present information that is easy to find, cross-reference, and make use of, and to do it as efficiently as possible. The classic games covered here deserve coverage without forcing a miserable experience on users. I want people to use and enjoy the guides I've made, whether they stay on the site for thirty seconds, or decide to play every game I've covered just because I've covered them.