Golvellius: Valley of Doom Guide

Why make a guide to an obscure Zelda clone for the Sega Master System, you ask? In a word, nostalgia. Not so much nostalgia for the game itself, but for the fact that this is the very first game I ever mapped out by hand—in a way, it was my very first guide.

That said, this is still a fun game. Though it looks and plays like the Legend of Zelda in many ways, this is a game about upgrading existing capabilities rather than collecting situational tools. Exploration and combat are key in Golvellius, and this guide will help with both. The hardest part of the game is finding everything, but all secrets are revealed within.

A walkthrough for each area of the game as well as a number of other secrets

The details on every screen in the game, including an interactive world map! Find out how to open any cave and what you will discover inside.