Items – 18 shown
Collectible items can be found multiple times; some items have advanced or ultimate upgraded versions
This item's in-game effect
Long Sword Long Sword Deals 1 damage
Valley Sword Valley Sword Deals 3 damage
Legendary Sword Legendary Sword Deals 6 damage
Aruzasu's Shield Aruzasu's Shield Deflects Bee and Water Spirit projectiles
Remedia's Shield Remedia's Shield Deflects Bee, Water Spirit, Troll, Stone Knight, and Koranda projectiles
Aresta's Pendant Aresta's Pendant Reduces damage taken by 1/4
Ramurasu's Pendant Ramurasu's Pendant Reduces damage taken by 1/2
Zest Boots Zest Boots Has no effect
Aqua Boots Aqua Boots Walk on water tiles
Ascent Boots Ascent Boots Walk on any terrain except red mountains
Ring of Invisibility Ring of Invisibility Allows you to smash gray stones with three strikes
Purple Mea Purple Mea Restores you to 1/2 of your maximum HP if you die
Green Mea Green Mea Restores you to 1/4 of your maximum HP if you die
Magic Mirror Magic Mirror Makes Death Lords vulnerable to attack
Ring Ring Convince Wise Women to speak to you
Bible Bible Increases your Gold Max
Life Potion Life Potion Gives you an extra life meter
Crystal Crystal Find all 7 to open the path to Golvellius