Final Fantasy Guides

Final Fantasy will always be the central series that this side's guides focus on. Let me know which Final Fantasy guide you'd like to see next!

A comprehensive guide to the classes, monsters, mechanics, and more of the original Final Fantasy. Learn everything there is to know about this classic NES RPG, available on the NES Classic!

Based on the NES guide, this guide covers the Origins remake of the original Final Fantasy. With updated names and fixed mechanics, this guide has you covered for the updated version of this classic.

The most comprehensive guide on the internet for Final Fantasy II, or your money back! Along with complete information on the game, this guide lays bare its mechanics and reveals how everything is supposed to work.

A complete guide to this forgotten classic, including a breakdown of battle mechanics and the original job system. Not to be confused with the SNES game of the same name (that's actually Final Fantasy VI).

A guide to the game that earned the series its reputation for stunning presentation. Covers the PlayStation Chronicles release, a more complete version of the stripped-down SNES/Virtual Console version (called Final Fantasy II).

A guide to finding and using every item, rage, lore, and secret in Final Fantasy VI (a.k.a. Final Fantasy III). This is one of my favorite games of all time, and this guide should tell you anything you'll want to know.

A guide to finding everything in Final Fantasy VII, no matter what you're looking for. Enjoy the original while you wait for the remakes!

A guide featuring a detailed look at the mechanics of the junction system. Optimize your characters like never before using the Junction Workshop. Includes a complete walkthrough, bestiary, and more!

This guide features a detailed walkthrough, but the real prize is the complete breakdown of the upgrade system. Learn exactly which components have what effects on which weapons, where to find them, and more!

This guide features detailed crystarium information for Noel, Serah, and tamed monsters, in addition to information on all the items, weapons, and accessories in the game.

A guide to everything there is to find in FFATB, where to find it, and what you have to kill to get it.

Learn all there is to know about the songs, characters, and abilities in this 3DS rhythm game. Unlock characters to create the perfect party for Story, Challenge, or the Chaos Shrine!