1. Game MechanicsGolvellius has simple controls, but knowing how to take advantage of its mechanics will make your journey a whole lot easier.
  2. Introductory DungeonA short side-scrolling Dungeon that introduces the game, but presents no significant challenge.

Part 1: The Early Regions

  1. Despa ValleyYour real adventure starts here, in a small Area that introduces you to Life Potions, Bibles, and the basic overworld game mechanics.
  2. Rolick DesertThis is a much larger Area with a host of new Enemies to fight. You won't find much in the way of new Items until you leave and return with enhanced capabilities, though.
  3. Bachular's GraveyardThe graveyard is a large Area with dangerous Enemies and a great prize: the Valley Sword.

Part 2: Branching Paths

  1. Central ForestThis central Area has no boss of its own, but leads to both Fosbus' Swamp and Warlic's Lake.
  2. Finding the Aqua BootsYour next task is to head to Warlic's Lake in search of the awesome Aqua Boots. Fosbus will wait.
  3. Fosbus' SwampAqua Boots in hand, it's time to track down Fosbus and the Ring of Invisibility.
  4. Warlic's LakeReturn to this Area with the Ring of Invisibility to find and defeat Warlic.

Part 3: The End Game

  1. Crawky ForestFind Remedia's Shield and the Legendary Sword before taking on Crawky and claiming the sixth Crystal.
  2. Haidee's ForestOnly one demon stands between you and Golvellius. Claim the Ascent Boots and take the fight to Haidee!
  3. GolvelliusWith all seven Crystals in hand, you have one final task: destroy Golvellius in the seat of his power.

Tips & Secrets

  1. Using the Aqua Boots for Fun and ProfitOnce you have the Aqua Boots, you can travel anywhere in the game, even to Areas you're not supposed to go to just yet.
  2. The 19th Life PotionObtaining every Life Potion in the game reveals an interesting bug that can make you virtually invincible.
  3. Fun With RingsDid you think the Rings given to you by wise women were completely useless? Well, they are, but they're still kind of interesting.