Warlic's Lake

Once you have the Ring of Invisibility, you'll be able to accomplish many more tasks in Warlic's Lake. To start with, you'll be able to find two Life Potions and a Bible in the coastal areas you visited before, all hidden in caves under gray stones. You'll find one of each north and south of the bridge, but the second Life Potion is a bit tougher to reach. Head east from the pond where you found the Aqua Boots, fighting through Red Stone Knights and Black Pigmy Skeletons to a rocky valley. Smash the leftmost rock in the upper formation to find a Life Potion being sold for 8,000 gold.

With the shore fully explored, it's time to venture out onto the lake. The biggest problem with Warlic's Lake is that it's such an expansive area that it's hard to remember where you've been. There are two large islands, to the west and south, and a landmass in the southwest corner. You'll also find various small islands. Warlic is found on the eastern island, so I recommend beginning your exploration to the south.

The Southern Island

If you head directly south from where you found the Aqua Boots, you'll eventually encounter Blue Vortexes. These enemies have an interesting movement pattern which it pays to learn, because you'll be seeing a lot of them going forward. They start off moving left or right, and then will turn downward in a circle, eventually heading on an angle up and opposite the direction they started. If you pay attention to their movement patterns, they are not too difficult to fight.

Past the Blue Vortexes you'll encounter Shark Fins. These enemies are easy to kill, but dish out a lot of damage, so don't take them lightly. Hit the bottom rock in the formation of three three times to open the path to a Life Potion being sold for 6,000 gold.

Continue south until you reach the island. Defeat two Red Stone Knights to reveal a wise woman who gives you a Ring. This Ring doesn't do anything, but you will need it to get a hint from another wise woman in the area. You'll also find a Bible on the eastern end of the island. It is guarded by Pink Trolls, which you won't find anywhere else. There is nothing else of particular note in the southeast part of Warlic's Lake, so you should head west next.

The Southwest Landmass

Truth be told, there isn't much of interest in this area just yet. You will find the wise woman who is looking for the Ring, but the hint she gives you in return is not helpful. You can make some quick money fighting Black Pigmy Skeletons from the river nearby, though. Don't miss the cheap Bible being sold on the northwest end of the area. From there, head north to the final large island.

The Western Island

Warlic's Cave is on the southeast side of the island, but don't enter just yet. You'll find Purple Mea being sold for 15,000 gold on the northwest part of the island, which might be worth it if you're loaded. You'll definitely want to pick up the Bible found northeast of the island. With that in hand, it's time to face Warlic!

Warlic's Cave

If you've found every Bible and Life Potion up to this point (not counting the ones in the final two areas), you should now have 50,000 Maximum Gold and 14 Life Potions. You're about to enter the trickiest dungeon yet. To open it, destroy the middle rock in the large group on the southeast side of the western island.

The first branch leads to the first dead end—make sure you hang a left right away. Both of the next set of branches are safe, but when the path splits in four, be careful. None of the paths are dead ends, but you'll have to get all the way over to the left immediately afterward, so it is best to start there. A Giant Bat will promptly appear to complicate things. While you're fighting it, make sure you bear to the right—the left branch is another dead end.

You won't find any more dead ends further in, but you will encounter many obstacles and enemies. Eventually you'll come to a sequence where you need to go all the way from right to left, then back again, and then back a third time. These are very sharp turns, so get as high on the screen as you can to ensure you have enough time. Once another Giant Bat appears, you'll know you're in the home stretch.

Warlic is the toughest boss yet. Rather than relying on weak projectiles, Warlic will charge at you, dealing a whopping 10 base damage (which is somewhat mitigated by Aresta's Pendant, if you have it) per hit. To complicate matters, there are two of him.

Each of the two Warlics will charge at you, then immediately retreat. You'll have to step back to avoid the charge, but be ready to strike immediately before the retreat. It's tough, and having to dodge two of him at once makes it even tougher. Once one of them falls, things get quite a bit less hectic. If you got that far, you should have no trouble finishing him off.

At this point you are filthy rich and the path to Crawky Forest is open (directly north of where you found the Aqua Boots). First, though, head south and venture within the forest on the southwestern landmass to find the fifth Crystal, being sold for 20,000 gold. There is now a wise woman selling Green Mea for 5,000 gold northeast of the southern island as well, if you're interested.