Screens: Where Purple Mea can be Found – 5 shown
The map coordinates of this screen, with (1, 1) being the top left corner; the game begins at (12, 14)
An at-a-glance preview of the screen's layout
The area where this screen is found; areas are differentiated by the terrain and, usually, by the boss that resides there; however, the area does not necessarily have any mechanical impact
The cost to buy whatever item or service is provided in this screen's cave
Item Cost
What you have to do to open the cave on this screen; an entry of 'Open' indicates that the cave is open upon first entering the screen
Cave Open Condition
What boss you must defeat or what item you must acquire to reach this screen; if there are additional requirements to open and/or reach the cave on this screen, those are indicated as well
Reach Condition
(11, 11) (11, 11) Rolick Desert Blue Vortex 5,000 gold Defeat 1 enemy Acquire Aqua Boots
(1, 10) (1, 10) Warlic's Lake Blue Vortex 15,000 gold Smash the leftmost rock Acquire Aqua Boots
(8, 4) (8, 4) Haidee's Forest White Vortex 15,000 gold Smash the rightmost rock in the bottom row Acquire Aqua Boots
(1, 3) (1, 3) Crawky Forest White Mole 20,000 gold Smash the top rock Acquire Aqua Boots
(5, 6) (5, 6) Haidee's Forest Red Water Spirit 30,000 gold Smash the rock Acquire Aqua Boots