Maps: In Colosseum – 3 shown
World of Ruin maps cannot be found in the World of Balance; persistent maps are found in both the World of Balance as well as the World of Ruin
The random encounters found on this map; if the encounter list changes at certain points during the game, each list is shown here
The number of treasures found on this map
The dance learned by Mog upon fighting a battle on this map; if this dance is used during a battle here, the dancer has no chance of stumbling; different terrain types on the world map have different dances; plains and wastelands use the Wind Song, forests use the Forest Suite, and deserts use the Desert Aria
The price of the inn found on this map; this inn is not necessarily available at all times
Inn Price
The price of the chocobo rental found on this map; this chocobo rental is not necessarily available at all times
Chocobo Price
Save Point Recovery Spring
Whether it is possible to use Warp on this map
Ruin - - - - - - - No
Ruin - - - - - - - No
Ruin - - - 400 GP - - - No
Party Changes: In Colosseum – 1 shown
Whether this character is initially named, joins the party, or leaves the party at this time; 'Temporary' indicates that a character joins for a short period but does not become a long-term party member
Map Notes
Shadow Join Discover him in the Cave in the Veldt, then wait for him to leave Thamasa and bet the Striker at the Colosseum (he must have survived the Floating Continent)