Encounters Near Tzen

You can find some variations on the Albrook-area Encounters near Tzen. The wastelands feature Chitonids mixed with Gigan Toads as well as pairs of Lunarises, while the plains have the same Encounters you've seen already. There are also forests in the area, which have more intense versions of the plains Encounters: two Gilomantises with a Mesosaur or groups of four Mesosaurs. The western deserts feature the same encounters with Peepers, EarthGuards, and Black Drgns you've seen before.


Visiting Tzen at this point is technically optional, but doing so allows you to recruit a second Character so it's highly recommended. If you do decide to come back later, you may have more than one Character, which makes the upcoming mini-dungeon easier.

Right as you enter Tzen, the town is hit with Kefka's light of judgment. The townspeople run around in a panic, and you'll discover that the northwestern house is about to collapse. Further, Sabin is here, and is holding the house up by himself. Once you speak to him, you'll enter and will have six minutes to save the child trapped inside. One of the townspeople mentions that the Monsters inside inflict Petrify, so heed his warning and equip a Ribbon or Jewel Ring before entering. A Black Belt is also helpful to quickly defeat the Scorpions inside.

The Collapsing House

You'll fight three Monster types in the Collapsing House. HermitCrabs are the ones that inflict Petrify, which they do with their Rock special. They'll only do this as a counterattack, and then only if they're the only Monster on the battlefield, but they can also use Net on the third turn. Even a Ribbon doesn't protect against Stop, so take out HermitCrabs with extreme prejudice. They have no Elemental weaknesses Celes can exploit, but their low HP and Mag.Def make them vulnerable to most Spells.

Pairs of HermitCrabs appear alongside a Pm Stalker, a Monster that will also appear in groups of four when you open certain chests. They can cast Drain (including as a counterattack) and cause Seizure. They have very low HP and a vulnerability to Fire that you can use to take out groups quickly.

The most common encounter is with a trio of Scorpions. They will open with Doom Sting to inflict Condemned, then proceed to attack normally. Like the other Monsters in the Collapsing House, they have very low HP, but unlike the others they are highly resistant to Magic. The quickest way to take them out is to equip a Black Belt and counter their attacks as they come.

The top floor of the Collapsing House consists of four rooms and three hallways. Proceed north from the entrance to the northeast room where you'll find a Heal Rod. You can enter the middle room from above and find a Pearl Rod, then return to the northern hallway and head west for a Tincture. The chest near the stairs in the western room is a trap, spawning four Pm Stalkers to fight, while the chest in the southern hallway contains a Hyper Wrist.

You'll find the same Encounters in the Basement, along with two more treasures. Head west to the bottom room first and pick up the Drainer. There are two chests flanking the landing to the north. On the east side you'll find Magicite, while on the west side you'll be attacked by another four Pm Stalkers. The child you've been sent to rescue is in the middle. You'll need to save him and get out of the Collapsing House before time runs out.

When you exit the house, Sabin will join the group. Assign him gear and an Esper, possibly altering Celes's equipment at the same time. You may also want to check if Sabin has learned any new Blitzes.

Shopping in Tzen

Despite the panic, you could have gone shopping prior to entering the Collapsing House, but that would hardly be fair to poor Sabin. The shops in Tzen are similar to those in Albrook in that they mostly feature gear you've seen before, though were not necessarily able to buy.

The weirdest new Item is available for the exorbitant price of 10,000 GP at the Item Shop: the Super Ball. They do random amounts of damage to random targets, and are not nearly worth the price. The Relic Shop is selling the Back Guard and Sneak Ring, both of which could be found as Treasures in the World of Balance and which you have little need of multiples of.

The Weapon Shop sells the same Elemental swords as were available in Albrook, as well as a selection of claws for Sabin. If you missed the Fire Knuckle way back in Zozo in the World of Balance, you can buy one here. The only new purchase in the Armor Shop is the Beret, which is not very good and only usable by Relm. If you found one on the Floating Continent, you'll never need another.

There is one other purchase potentially available in Tzen. If you did not buy Sraphim off the man in the northeast woods in the World of Balance, he's still willing to sell it to you, but now at the ludicrously discounted price of 10 GP. Definitely pick up this useful healing Esper if you didn't already.

Townspeople mention both Nikeah and Mobliz, both of which can be reached via the now-surfaced Serpent Trench. Either one is a very long walk, and you still have a small party, so you may want to ride a chocobo. Fortunately, there's a Chocobo Stable a short trek northwest of Tzen. The chocobo can deliver you safely to either destination.