SwdTechs – 8 shown
The level at which Cyan learns this SwdTech if he has not yet earned it in some other manner
The base power of this ability, which determines the amount of damage or healing it does; a dagger (†) indicates that the attack ignores defense, making it more powerful than other abilities with the same Bat.Pwr; fractional damage is based on current HP or MP values and always ignores Defense; healing, MP restoration, HP draining, and MP draining or damaging attacks are indicated by their text color
Whether this ability is physical or magical in nature; the game determines hits and damage differently for each; item abilities have non-random effects
The targets available to this ability; many abilities can target either allies or foes, and the note here signifies which they target by default; a double dagger (‡) indicates that an ability can hit all targets on either side of a pincer attack or side attack at the same time
How likely this ability is to connect; abilities with a 100% hit rate always connect unless some effect prevents them entirely
Hit Rate
Special circumstances that allow this ability to be resisted; mouse over the terms to learn more
The status effects inflicted or removed by this ability
Dispatch 1 1 120 Physical One Random Foe 100% Single attack - -
Retort 6 2 56 Magic Self 100% Single counter attack - -
Slash 12 3 1/2 HP Physical One Random Foe 100% Halves an enemy's HP Wound Seizure
Quadra Slam 15 4 72 Physical One Random Foe 100% 4-stroke attack - -
Empowerer 24 5 49 Magic One Random Foe 100% Absorbs an enemy's HP/MP - -
Stunner 34 6 97 Magic All Foes 100% Multiple attack/casts "Stop" - Stop
Quadra Slice 44 7 70 Physical One Random Foe 100% 4-stroke attack - -
Cleave 70 8 - Magic All Foes 182 Dices up enemies Wound Wound