Status Effects – 30 shown
Positive status effects are generally beneficial; negative status effects are generally harmful; special status effects can only be inflicted by certain materia commands
This status is negated by its opposed status
Type Duration Effect
Barrier - Positive Temporary Halves the damage of physical attacks
Berserk - Negative Temporary Character attacks uncontrollably but deals 50% extra damage
Confusion - Negative Temporary Character will attack allies, effect ends when hit by any physical attack
Darkness - Negative Temporary Halves the accuracy of the character's weapon attacks (no effect on monsters)
Death - Negative Permanent Character is dead
Death Force - Positive Temporary Character is immune to Death
Death-sentence - Negative Temporary Character dies when the timer runs out
Frog - Negative Temporary Character deals 1/4 physical damage and can only Fight, use Items, or cast Toad
Fury Sadness Negative Permanent Character has 30% less accuracy, but limit bar growth is doubled
Haste Slow Positive Temporary Character takes turns twice as often as normal
Imprisoned - Negative Temporary Character cannot act until the monster imprisoning them is defeated
Lucky Girl - Positive Temporary Character always gets critical hits
Manipulate - Negative Temporary Your party decides the afflicted monster's actions
MBarrier - Positive Temporary Halves the damage of magic attacks
Near-death - Negative Temporary Character is below 25% HP
Paralyzed - Negative Temporary Character cannot act
Peerless - Positive Temporary Character is completely immune to attacks
Petrify - Negative Temporary Character cannot act but is immune to damage and status effects
Poison - Negative Temporary Character repeatedly takes 1/32 of max HP damage
Reflect - Positive Temporary Reflects up to four spells
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