Commands – 23 shown
Special commands are granted by the Master Command materia as well as lesser materia; unique commands are only granted by a specific materia; advanced commands require leveled-up materia to use
The command this command replaces when available; the replaced command cannot be used
The materia which grants the use of this command, and the level it is earned at if it is not available at level 1; some commands are always available or are activated when spells of a given type are available
2x-Cut Attack Hits the target with two weapon attacks Double Cut
4x-Cut Attack Make four randomly targeted weapon attacks that ignore long range Double Cut L2
Attack - Make a physical attack with your weapon -
Change - Change your row -
Coin - Deals damage to all enemies based on 1/10 gil thrown Throw L2, Master Command
D. blow - Make an attack with 1/3 accuracy, but always a critical hit if it connects Deathblow, Master Command
Defend - Take half damage from physical attacks -
E. Skill - Use any learned enemy skills, and learn those used in battle Enemy Skill
Flash Attack Inflicts Death on all enemies, but halves accuracy Slash-All L2
Item - Use an item -
Magic - Cast a Magic spell Any magic materia
Manip. - Manipulates the target Manipulate, Master Command
Mime - Repeats the last action used by an ally Mime, Master Command
Morph - Deals 1/8 damage, but enemy is turned into an item if killed Morph, Master Command
Mug Steal Steals an item from the target and makes a weapon attack Steal L2
Sense - Learn an enemy's Level, HP, MP, and elemental weaknesses Sense, Master Command
Slash-All Attack Hits all enemies at once with a weapon attack, ignores long range Slash-All
Steal - Steals an item from the target Steal, Master Command
Summon - Cast a Summon spell Any summon materia
Throw - Throw a weapon for double damage Throw, Master Command
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