Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough

  1. After a cutscene, the protagonist Cecil finds himself in Castle Baron. Eventually he goes to bed, and the next morning Kain joins the party as they set off for the village of Mist.
  2. Before beginning their journey, the pair visit the town of Baron to gather supplies.
  3. The two battle their way through the Mist Cave.
  4. Upon arriving in Mist, an event unfolds that ends with Kain leaving the party, and Cecil bringing escorting an injured girl to the nearest town.
  5. When they arrive in Kaipo, Cecil defends the girl, who introduces herself as Rydia. He discovers that Rosa is in town as well, sick with an illness that can only be healed with the Sand Ruby.
  6. The pair traverse the Water Cavern, joining the Sage Tellah on their way through the Waterfall.
  7. The party arrives in Damcyan Castle only to see it attacked by the Red Wings. Inside, Tellah leaves the party, but Prince Edward joins in his place.
  8. Prince Edward guides the party to the Antlion Cave where the Sand Ruby is found.
  9. The party returns to Kaipo and heals Rosa, who joins them.
  10. The four make way for Mt. Hobs where they meet the High Monk Yang of Fabul, who joins the party.
  11. The party makes it to Fabul in time to defend against the Red Wings' attack, but Rosa is taken hostage during the fighting.
  12. The King of Fabul orders a Ship Dock to bring the party to infiltrate Castle Baron, but due to a tragic accident Cecil finds himself washed up alone on a foreign shore.
  13. In Mysidia, the twin mages Palom and Porom join Cecil on his next quest.
  14. On Mt. Ordeals, the party rejoins Tellah and Cecil becomes a Paladin.
  15. Back in Mysidia, the party takes the Devil's Road to Baron, where Yang rejoins them.
  16. The party sneaks through the Waterway into Castle Baron, where Cid joins, but Palom and Porom are turned to stone.
  17. With Cid's airship, the party travels to Mist and Mythril to upgrade their gear.
  18. The party flies to Troia Castle and discovers that their Earth Crystal has been stolen. They also find the injured Edward, who does not join the party but does give them his Twin Harp.
  19. Before moving on, the party buys non-magnetic gear in the town of Troia.
  20. The party discovers black chocobos in the Chocobo Village to the north.
  21. Using a black chocobo, the group flies to the Magnetic Cavern where they retrieve the Earth Crystal.
  22. After returning to Troia Castle, the party flies to the Tower of Zot, where Rosa and Kain rejoin the party.
  23. The party searches the world for the secret entrance to the Underworld, eventually finding it in the town of Agart.
  24. In the Dwarven Castle, Cid leaves but an older Rydia returns to the party.
  25. King Giott sends the party to the Tower of Babil, where Yang sacrifices himself to save the dwarves.
  26. Back on the World Map, the party returns to Castle Baron to have their airship modified to carry the hovercraft.
  27. The party investigates the deserted Eblan Castle.
  28. Using the hovercraft, the party descends into Cave Eblan, where Edge joins
  29. The group enters the upper floors of the Tower of Babil.
  30. Back in the Underworld, the party returns to the Dwarven Castle where Cid upgrades their airship.
  31. With the ability to fly over magma, the group visits Tomra and Kokkol's Smithy.
  32. The party finds the injured Yang in the Sylvan Cave.
  33. Descending into the Cave of Summons, Rydia gains the ability to summon Asura and Levia.
  34. The party retrieves the Dark Crystal in the Sealed Cave, but Kain once again leaves the party.
  35. Cid upgrades the party's airship in the Dwarven Castle for a second time, allowing them to leave the Underworld.
  36. The party visits Yang's wife in Fabul, who gives them a Pan to hit him with.
  37. The party trades the Rat Tail for Adamant in the Adamant Grotto.
  38. Returning to the Underworld, the party brings the Adamant to Kokkol's Smithy and hits Yang with the Pan in the Sylvan Cave, which causes Rydia to gain the ability to summon the Sylph.
  39. Descending into the basement of Castle Baron, Rydia gains the ability to summon Odin.
  40. Yang's wife gives the party a Knife in exchange for returning her Pan.
  41. In Mysidia, the prayers of the elder and mages summon the Lunar Whale.
  42. Before leaving for the Moon, the party returns to Kokkol's Smithy where they gain Excalibur.
  43. Once on the Moon, the party follows the Lunar Path to the Crystal Palace, where FuSoYa joins them.
  44. The party descends into Cave Bahamut where Rydia gains the ability to summon Baham.
  45. The group returns to their home planet where they infiltrate and destroy the Giant of Babil, after which FuSoYa leaves and Kain joins for the last time.
  46. The party takes one final trip back to the Moon and returns to the Crystal Palace.
  47. Descending through the Lunar Subterrane, the party eventually takes on Zeromus and completes their quest.