Items – 76 shown
Rare items can only be found as treasure, won or stolen from monsters, or purchased from a single shop; unique items can only be found as treasure or as very rare monster drops; key items are unique items that are important to the plot; exceptional items are found only as very rare monster drops
The cost to buy this item in a shop
The amount of gil received when selling this item in a shop
The spell cast when this item is used in battle; using the item in this way consumes it
The target of this item's effects when used in battle
Bomb - 50 gil Fire1 All Enemies
Big Bomb - 250 gil Fire2 All Enemies
Notus - 50 gil Ice1 All Enemies
Boreas - 250 gil Ice2 All Enemies
Thor's Rage - 50 gil Bolt1 All Enemies
Zeus's Rage - 250 gil Bolt2 All Enemies
Stardust - 500 gil Comet All Enemies
Succubus - 100 gil Psych One
Vampire - 25 gil Drain One
Bacchus - 100 gil Bersk -
Hermes - 100 gil Haste -
Hourglass1 - 50 gil Stop All Enemies
Hourglass2 - 250 gil Stop All Enemies
Hourglass3 - 500 gil Stop All Enemies
Silk Web - 50 gil Slow All Enemies
Illusion - 25 gil Blink -
Inferno - 50 gil Inferno All Enemies
Blizzard - 50 gil Blizzard All Enemies
Lightning Storm - 50 gil LitStorm All Enemies
Star Veil - 500 gil Wall -
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