Status Effects – 23 shown
Permanent status ailments do not wear off after battle; beneficial status effects help the recipient in some way
Whether this is a beneficial or harmful status effect; beneficial effects cannot be resisted
Whether this status is temporary (it ends after battle) or permanent (it must be removed manually)
Poison Harmful Permanent
Darkness Harmful Permanent
Silence Harmful Permanent
Pig Harmful Permanent
Mini Harmful Permanent
Toad Harmful Permanent
Petrify Harmful Permanent
KO Harmful Permanent
Berserk Harmful Temporary
Confuse Harmful Temporary
Sleep Harmful Temporary
Paralyze Harmful Temporary
Curse Harmful Temporary
Gradual Petrification Harmful Temporary
Sap Harmful Temporary
Stop Harmful Temporary
Slow Harmful Temporary
Float Beneficial Permanent
Blink Beneficial Temporary
Protect Beneficial Temporary
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