Characters: Who start with Leather Cap – 2 shown
End game characters are in your party at the end of the game; note that these characters may still leave (and take any equipment they are carrying with them) at points during the game
The minimum level the character joins the party at; if the character previously attained a higher level, they rejoin at that level instead
The gear this character joins the party with
The battle commands this character has access to
The specific map on which this character joins the party
Join Map
Details on exactly when this character joins the party
Join Notes
Rydia Summoner 1 Rod, Leather Cap, Leather Armor, Iron Ring Fight, White, Black, Call, Item Kaipo After first cutscene
Rosa White Mage 10 Brass Arrow, Short Bow, Leather Cap, Leather Armor, Iron Ring Fight, White, Pray, Aim, Item Kaipo After bringing her the SandRuby
Monsters: Which drop Leather Cap – 2 shown
Minibosses appear as treasure guardians or are otherwise especially powerful monsters; bosses are unique monsters that are defeated as part of the plot; lunar guardians are powerful monsters guarding forbidden weapons; the final boss must be defeated to complete the game; special monsters are not fought in standard battles
Whether this item can be stolen with Edge's Steal command; the stolen item is always the monster's most common drop
The relative chance of getting this item after defeating the monster, if it drops any item
Drop Rate
The monster's starting and maximum hit point total
The amount of gil earned for defeating this monster
The total amount of experience earned for defeating this monster (this is split evenly among surviving party members)
Attack determines the base per-hit damage of the monster's physical attack
Magic determines how powerful the monster's spells and special abilities are
Defense reduces the amount of damage taken per physical hit
Magic defense reduces the amount of damage taken by spells and special attacks
Mag. Def.
Some weapons are especially effective against certain monster families
The monster takes extra damage from spells or attacks of any of the listed elements
Monsters that resist an element take reduced damage from spells or attacks of that element, while monsters that absorb an element are healed by spells instead of taking damage (elemental weapon attacks are resisted instead of absorbed); individual monster pages indicate which elements are resisted and which are absorbed
The monster is vulnerable to status ailments listed in black, and immune to those listed in red; the status ailments are Poison, Darkness, Silence, Pig, Mini, Toad, Petrify, KO, Berserk, Confuse, Sleep, Paralyze, Curse, and Gradual Petrification
Status Vulnerability
Crocdile Yes Common 292 218 gil 660 38 - 2 15 - Ice - PoDaSiPiMiToPeKOBeCoSlPaCuGP
Gator Yes Common 175 95 gil 236 22 - 2 10 - Ice - PoDaSiPiMiToPeKOBeCoSlPaCuGP
Shops: Where Leather Cap is sold – 2 shown
The map this shop is located on
The type of shop this is; underworld and moon shops are found on those worlds
Kaipo Armor
Troia Armor