Armor: Sold in Elfheim Armor – 5 shown
Rare armors can only be found as treasure, not purchased; enchanted armors casts spells when used in combat; ultimate armors are uniquely powerful treasures
Each physical hit you take will have its damage reduced by this amount; the defense value of multiple pieces of armor is cumulative
All types of armor (except most shields) incur a penalty to the wearer's evasion rate; each two points of evasion lost result in a 1% smaller chance to evade attacks; multiple penalties are cumulative
Any elemental resistances this armor provides; resistance to an element drops the base hit chance for spells and special attacks of that element to 0, and those attacks cause half damage
The amount of gil received when selling this armor in a shop
If used as an item in combat, some pieces of armor can cast a particular magic spell free of cost
Equipped By
Steel Plate Armor 24 −23 - 800 gil 400 gil - Kn, Ni, Wa
Copper Armlet Armor 4 −1 - 1,000 gil 500 gil - All classes
Iron Shield Shield 4 - - 100 gil 50 gil - Kn, Ni, Wa
Leather Cap Helm 1 −1 - 80 gil 40 gil - All classes
Helmet Helm 3 −3 - 100 gil 50 gil - Kn, Ni, Wa