Key Items – 17 shown
Discovered and purchased key items are required to complete the game; quest items are required for sidequests
Lute Most melodious musical instrument.
Crown Crown that shimmers mysteriously.
Mystic Key Opens magically sealed doors.
Earth Rod Rod imbued with the spirits of the earth.
Canoe Light boat good for traversing lakes and rivers.
Levistone Mysterious rock that floats in the air.
Warp Cube Prismatic cube that glitters with color.
Oxyale Mysterious liquid that creates air.
Bell The Sky People's treasured bell.
Nitro Powder Powder packed with explosive power.
Jolt Tonic Awakens one from deepest slumber.
Crystal Eye Mystical orb made of crystal.
Star Ruby Huge, sparkling red gem.
Bottled Faerie Bottle containing a faerie.
Rat's Tail Proof of valor and strength.
Rosetta Stone Stone tablet etched with ancient inscriptions.
Adamantite Legendary metal renowned for its strength.