Final Fantasy Walkthrough

  1. The first thing to do is visit Castle Cornelia and speak to the king. He will ask you to head to the Temple of Chaos and rescue Princess Sarah from Garland.
  2. Before leaving, visit Cornelia and purchase spells and gear. The party starts off empty-handed and won't get far otherwise.
  3. Head to the Temple of Chaos and collect the treasures on the western side before facing Garland. Once you are victorious, you will be teleported back to Castle Cornelia automatically.
  4. Head over the newly rebuilt bridge to the north. A Cornelian tells you he is from Pravoca to the east, where you can buy new spells and gear, as well as face off against some Pirates to win a ship. Now is the time to head there. (You can also visit Matoya's Cave, which a townsperson mentioned was to the north, but beware of dangerous enemies in the area.)
  5. The Pravocans inform you that the Elven Castle is across the sea to the south. The sages in Castle Cornelia mentioned that the elven prince had the key to unlock the castle's treasures, so this should be your next destination.
  6. Before heading out to your next quest, stock up on supplies in Elfheim. There you hear about a dwarven cave to the northwest, and an abandoned castle.
  7. Sail to Mt. Duergar, collecting treasure and learning that Astos stole Matoya's Crystal Eye. The dwarves seek the Nitro Powder, which was locked away in a castle.
  8. Travel to the Western Keep, learning from the king there that Astos has taken everything from the castle. He asks you to bring him the Crown from the Marsh Cave.
  9. Prepare for the journey to the Marsh Cave, your toughest test yet. Expect to make multiple trips within to retrieve all the treasures, including the Crown. Beware—it is guarded by a group of powerful Piscodemons.
  10. With the Crown in hand, return to the Western Keep and face off against Astos and retrieve Matoya's Crystal Eye.
  11. Head to Matoya's Cave, collecting the treasures within if you did not visit earlier, and give Matoya the Crystal Eye in exchange for the Jolt Tonic.
  12. Return to the Elven Castle and wake the prince with the Jolt Tonic to retrieve the Mystic Key. Gather the treasures in the locked treasure chamber, then travel the world to retrieve more locked treasures.
  13. Collect locked treasures in the Western Keep, the Marsh Cave, and the Temple of Chaos. Open the treasury in Castle Cornelia to find treasures including the Nitro Powder.
  14. Bring the Nitro Powder to Mt. Duergar, collecting locked treasures while you are there. The dwarves open a channel to the western city of Melmond.
  15. Sail to Melmond, where you learn that the Vampire in the Terra Cavern is causing the earth to rot. Buy new spells and items and prepare for your journey.
  16. Enter the Terra Cavern and descend to B3 to face the Vampire, collecting his Star Ruby.
  17. Return to Melmond, discovering that the earth is still in decay, and that Sadda may have the answers you seek.
  18. Travel through the Titan's Cave, feeding the Star Ruby to the Titan to proceed to the western exit.
  19. Talk to Sadda in the Sage's Cave and receive the Earth Rod.
  20. Venture once more into the Terra Cavern, fighting the Fiend of Earth, Lich, to restore light to the Crystal of Earth.
  21. Sail east to Crescent Lake, where you learn that the Fiend of Fire has awakened 200 years before prophecy foretold. Take the Canoe in order to find this creature.
  22. Traversing the rivers with your new Canoe, make your way to Mt. Gulg. Collect the many treasures within and defeat Marilith to restore light to the Crystal of Fire.
  23. Return to Crescent Lake and speak to the sleepy traveler, who reveals that the Levistone may be located in the Ice Cavern to the north of town.
  24. Sail to the northern bay and dock your ship, heading up the river to the Ice Cavern where you can find the Levistone after defeating the Evil Eye.
  25. Visit Elfheim, learning that something is hidden beneath the sands of the desert south of Crescent Lake. Bring the Levistone there to find the airship.
  26. A Cornelian sage directs you to speak with the dragon in Onlak, so travel to the northwestern continent. Once in town, learn about Oxyale, the Desert Caravan, and the Rosetta Stone that Dr. Unne is looking for.
  27. Visit the Desert Caravan west of Onlak and purchase the Bottled Faerie.
  28. Bring the Bottled Faerie to Gaia in the northeast. Release her at the fountain to receive Oxyale, which is required to enter the Sunken Shrine from Onlak. There you will also find new gear and spells, as well as a wealth of information.
  29. Travel to the various Dragon's Cave entrances, collecting treasures and information, and speak to Bahamut. You are asked to prove your courage.
  30. Decide on a route to the Citadel of Trials and travel there, collecting the powerful items within and winning the Rat's Tail, which serves as the proof of the party's courage.
  31. Return to Bahamut in the Dragon's Cave, giving him the Rat's Tail and undergoing the class upgrade. Travel the world upgrading your gear and spells for your new classes.
  32. Enter the Sunken Shrine from inside the town of Onlak, retrieving the Rosetta Stone and defeating Kraken, the Fiend of Water.
  33. Return to Melmond and give the Rosetta Stone to Dr. Unne in order to learn the Lufenish language.
  34. Trek to Lufenia and receive the Bell. Visit the level 8 magic shops in town.
  35. Use the Bell to enter the Tower of Mirage, collecting the treasures within. On the third floor, learn that the Warp Cube is required for transport to the Flying Fortress.
  36. Use your Canoe to enter the Waterfall Cavern near Onlak, retrieving the Warp Cube from within.
  37. Return to the Tower of Mirage and warp to the Flying Fortress, finding the Adamantite and defeating Tiamat, the Fiend of Air.
  38. Bring the Adamantite to Smyth the smith in Mt. Duergar to receive the mighty Excalibur.
  39. Travel to Crescent Lake and speak to the circle of sages, learning of the time warp in Temple of Chaos.
  40. Enter the Temple of Chaos Past from within the Temple of Chaos in the present. Obtain the Masamune and defeat all four Fiends once again, followed by Chaos himself. Congratulations, you've saved the world!