Spells: Battle effect of Masamune – 1 shown
Plot spells are learned as part of the plot rather than at a specific level; ultimate spells are learned at very high levels; quest spells are learned by completing sidequests; hidden spells are earned by finding rare monster drops; item effects power items and cannot be learned
The type of spell this is; twin spells are the result of using Palom and Porom's Twin battle command; special spells are the effects and abilities created by items or monsters
The number of magic points required to cast this spell
The effect of damaging or healing spells is increased with a high power; characters add a bonus to the spell power of damaging spells based on intelligence for black magic or mind for white magic
The base accuracy of the spell; characters add a bonus to accuracy based on intelligence for black magic or mind for white magic
The targets that this spell can be used on; spells that target 'all' cannot be retargeted, and deal full damage to each target; spells that have a target of 'one/all' are less effective against each target if used to target a group
The status effect this spell causes on a successful casting
The elemental nature of this spell; targets that are weak to this element take extra damage, while targets that resist this element take reduced damage; targets that absorb this element gain hit points based on the usual damage dealt
The characters which can learn this spell; the level at which the spell is learned is shown on individual character pages
Learned By
Haste White 25 - 50% One Haste - Fu, Po, Ro, Te
Treasures: Containing Masamune – 1 shown
The map where the treasure is found
The specifics of where this treasure can be found
The monsters guarding this treasure, which will attack when the treasure is opened
Guarded By
Masamune Floating sword in south area Ogopogo