Weapons: Which cast Blizzard in battle – 2 shown
Rare weapons can only be found as treasure or won from monsters; unique weapons can only be found as treasure or purchased in hidden shops; ultimate weapons are uniquely powerful treasures; onion weapons are rare treasures of unmatched but narrow power
The higher a weapon's power, the more damage physical attacks made with it deal; characters gain a bonus to power based on strength
A weapon's base accuracy; characters gain a bonus to accuracy based on agility and job level; note that the accuracy of arrows is ignored in favor of the bow's accuracy when using a bow and arrow combination
Some weapons offer a bonus to one or more statistics; certain weapons also offer a bonus to one or more element types, but this has no effect; for the curious, the elemental bonuses are shown on individual weapon pages
The cost to buy this weapon in a shop
The amount of gil received when selling this weapon in a shop
The spell cast when this weapon is used as an item in combat; unlike items, weapons are not consumed when used to cast spells
The status ailment that may be inflicted by hits with this weapon
The magic multiplier of the spell cast when this weapon is used in combat
The elemental nature of this weapon; targets that are weak to this element take double damage, while targets that resist this element take half damage; targets that absorb this element gain hit points equal to the usual damage dealt
The jobs which are capable of using this weapon
Equipped By
(Rod)Ice Staff 8 50% - 3,500 gil 1,750 gil Blizzard ×1 - De, Ni, RM, Sa, WM
(Sword)Freezing Blade 40 80% - - 1,500 gil Blizzard ×1 Ice Kn, Ni, Wa
Monsters: Which use Blizzard – 5 shown
Treasure guardians are only encountered when opening treasure chests; bosses are unique monsters encountered during the plot; the final boss must be defeated to complete the game; rare monsters are hard to find and very powerful, but drop powerful rewards; invincible monsters are not meant to be defeated
The monster's starting and maximum hit point total
The amount of gil earned for defeating this monster
The total amount of experience earned for defeating this monster (this is split evenly among surviving party members)
Attack determines the base per-hit damage of the monster's physical attack
The number of hits a monster attempts and the accuracy of each of those hits
Some monsters' attacks are elemental in nature, and the damage may be adjusted by any weaknesses or resistances the target has
Att. Element
A monster's attack may have a chance to inflict a status ailment when it connects
Status Att.
Undead creatures are damaged by healing spells; dividing creatures split after taking physical damage provided there is room on the battlefield; spells or attacks with dark-elemental weapons do not cause these creatures to split
Defense reduces the amount of damage taken per physical hit
The number of evasion attempts a monster gets when physically attacked, and the success rate of each attempt
Magic defense reduces the amount of damage taken by spells and special attacks
Mag. Def.
The number of spell resistance attempts a monster gets when targeted with a spell or special attack, and the success rate of each attempt
Mag. Res.
The monster takes double damage from spells or attacks of any of the listed elements
Monsters that resist an element take half damage from spells or attacks of that element, while monsters that absorb an element are healed instead of taking damage; individual monster pages indicate which elements are resisted and which are absorbed
Monsters are immune to the listed status ailments; not that, although no immunities are listed, all bosses are immune to all status ailments
Status Immunities
Petit 45 54 gil 80 16 3×32% - - 1 0×30% 1 0×15% - - -
Lilliputian 58 58 gil 88 7 3×65% - - 1 0×30% 1 0×15% - - -
Pugman 109 96 gil 144 16 3×60% - - 2 1×25% 1 0×25% - - -
Manticore 128 112 gil 160 28 4×60% Ice - 3 1×35% 1 0×30% - - -
Merman 136 118 gil 180 30 4×80% - - 3 1×35% 1 0×30% Lightning - -
Shops: Where Blizzard is sold – 3 shown
The map this shop is located on
What this shop sells; mobile shops are contained within your vehicles; hidden shops sell powerful goods but must be found
Kazus Magic
Tozus Magic
Vikings' Cove Magic
Treasures: Containing Blizzard – 1 shown
The map where the treasure is found
The specifics of where this treasure can be found
Guarded By
Blizzard Castle Sasune Hidden west room chest in main keep 3F -