Items – 44 shown
Rare items can only be found as treasure or won from monsters; unique items can only be found as treasure; key items are unique items that are important to the plot
Some items can only be used in combat, some can only be used in the field, and some can be used in either situation; key items cannot be used at all
The cost to buy this item in a shop
The amount of gil received when selling this item in a shop
The spell cast when this item is used in battle; using the item in this way consumes it
Potion Anywhere 150 gil 75 gil Recovery
Hi-Potion Anywhere 1,200 gil 600 gil Recovery
Elixir Anywhere - 1,500 gil Elixir
Phoenix Down Anywhere - 1,500 gil Raise
Gold Needle Anywhere 300 gil 150 gil Stona
Maiden's Kiss Anywhere 100 gil 50 gil Maiden's Kiss
Echo Herbs Anywhere 100 gil 50 gil Echo Herbs
Mallet Anywhere 100 gil 50 gil Mallet
Eye Drops Anywhere 40 gil 20 gil Blindna
Antidote Anywhere 80 gil 40 gil Poisona
Magic Key Field 100 gil 50 gil -
Gysahl Greens Field 150 gil 75 gil -
Gnomish Bread Field 200 gil 100 gil Sight
Ottershroom Field 2,000 gil 1,000 gil Teleport
Bomb Fragment Combat - 500 gil Fira
Antarctic Wind Combat - 500 gil Blizzara
Zeus's Wrath Combat - 500 gil Thundara
Bomb Arm Combat - 750 gil Firaga
Arctic Wind Combat - 750 gil Blizzaga
Heavenly Wrath Combat - 750 gil Thundaga
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