Final Fantasy III Walkthrough

  1. The game begins in the Altar Cave, where the party gains the blessing of the crystal and access to their first five jobs. They may re-enter the cave to collect treasure before departing.
  2. The party travels to Ur, where they can gear up to continue on their journey. They hear about trouble in the town of Kazus to the south.
  3. The party finds Kazus haunted by ghosts. They learn that the evil Djinn has cursed the town. Cid, a ghost in the inn, offers to lend the party his airship if they agree to helm remove the curse.
  4. The party finds Cid's airship in the desert west of Kazus.
  5. In an effort to find Princess Sara, the party flies to Castle Sasune. There they find useful items and are asked to defeat the Djinn in the Sealed Cave.
  6. The party traverses the Sealed Cave, meeting Princess Sara and defeating the Djinn, restoring the inhabitants of Kazus and Castle Sasune to normal.
  7. With the curse removed, the party is warped back to Castle Sasune where the King gives them the canoe.
  8. The party returns to Kazus, where Cid joins, and Takka the smith adds a mythril ram to the airship so the party can make it to Canaan.
  9. The party investigates the Mythril Mines behind Kazus before leaving the area.
  10. Using the airship to destroy the boulder, the party heads for Canaan on foot. There they learn of a man named Desh who headed toward Dragon's Peak.
  11. The party climbs Dragon's Peak, meeting Desh at the top. After a run-in with Bahamut, the group ends up in a new area of the continent.
  12. The party visits the nearby Healing Copse, learning that Tozus can only be found under the effects of Mini.
  13. Searching the southern forest, the party finds the town of Tozus. After giving an Antidote to Dr. Shelco, they find the entrance to the Tozus Tunnel.
  14. After emerging from the Tozus Tunnel, the party visits Vikings' Cove. There they are offered a ship in exchange for dealing with the Nepto Dragon.
  15. The party heads to the Nepto Temple, where they restore the Nepto statue and earn the respect (and ship) of the Vikings.
  16. The party sails west to the nearby town of Tokkul, where they learn that something strange is going on at Castle Argus. The also hear about the Village of the Ancients past the western desert.
  17. The party travels to the Village of the Ancients, gathering supplies and learning about the origins of the Light Warriors.
  18. The party visits the Living Woods, where the faeries implore the party to return the floating castle to its rightful place.
  19. In an attempt to discover what is going on in Tokkul, the party visits Castle Argus, only to find that it has been abandoned.
  20. The party travels to the Gulgan Gulch, where they receive the Toad and are told to go to the Tower of Owen.
  21. The party climbs the Tower of Owen, and Desh's noble sacrifice clears the way for them to sail to the Dwarven Hollow.
  22. In the Dwarven Hollow, the party learns of the Subterranean Lake, where Gutsco has taken the Horn of Ice.
  23. Before moving on, the party can take a detour to the Village of Gysahl to stock up on unique supplies and spells.
  24. The party descends into the Subterranean Lake to track down Gutsco.
  25. Gutsco steals both Horns when the party returns the Horn of Ice to the altar in the Dwarven Hollow.
  26. The party follows Gutsco to the Molten Cave, gaining four new jobs from the Crystal of Fire.
  27. Returning to the Dwarven Hollow, the party finds out that Tokkul is under attack by Hein.
  28. The party collects extra treasure at Castle Argus before returning to Tokkul, where they are promptly captured and taken to Hein's Castle.
  29. By escaping from Hein's Castle, the party finds themselves back in the Living Woods.
  30. With the residents of Castle Argus returned home, the party returns there and obtains the Wheel of Time.
  31. The party takes the Wheel of Time to Cid in Canaan. He converts their ship to an airship, and they can now leave the Floating Continent.
  32. Exploring the Flooded World, the party discovers the Temple of Water, and within it, that they need to find a girl named Aria.
  33. The party discovers a small island with a Wrecked Ship, and finds Aria within it.
  34. Bringing Aria back to the Temple of Water allows the party access to the lower floors of the Cave of Tides.
  35. After defeating the Kraken in the Cave of Tides, the curse upon the world is lifted and the party wakes up in the town of Amur.
  36. In Amur, the party meets four old men who believe they are the legendary heroes. They also learn that Goldor has a crystal (and has chained their ship to the dock), and that they will need the Levigrass Shoes from Delilah to reach Goldor Manor.
  37. The party speaks to Gill, who gives them access to the Sewers to find Delilah.
  38. With the Levigrass Shoes in hand, the party travels to Goldor Manor in search of the Earth Crystal. The crystal is destroyed, but the party finds the Chain Key needed to release their ship.
  39. Back in Amur, several townsfolk suggest that the party visit Saronia Castle. First, though, they decide to explore the world a bit.
  40. The party visits the towns of Duster, home of Geomancers and Bards, and Replito, home of Evokers.
  41. When the party flies near Saronia Castle, their airship is shot down. Unable to enter the castle, they explore the surrounding city.
  42. In Southwest Saronia, the party rescues Prince Alus from some Gold Knights. The Prince implores them to take him to the castle.
  43. In Southeast Saronia the party learns that Dragoons are the key to defeating Garuda, and that the Dragon Spire in this part of the city holds Dragoon treasure.
  44. Guards in Northeast Saronia relay their suspicions that Garuda is influencing the King.
  45. The library in Northwest Saronia is closed by order of the king.
  46. With the Prince accompanying them, the party is allowed into Saronia Castle where they fight and defeat Garuda. After the battle, the party is given a new airship, the Nautilus, by the castle engineers.
  47. The party uses the power of the Nautilus to fly to Doga's Manor, where Dorga informs them that the Earth Crystal yet survives.
  48. With Doga in the party, they head to the Cave of the Circle. Doga modifies the Nautilus so it can travel underwater and directs the party to the Temple of Time to find Noah's Lute.
  49. The party explores the ocean floor with the Nautilus, finding Doga's Village, the Sunken Cave, and the Saronia Catacombs.
  50. Following Doga's directions, the party travels to the Temple of Time and retrieves Noah's Lute.
  51. With Noah's Lute in hand, the party heads to Unei's Shrine and wakes up Unei. She joins, gives them the Fang of Fire, and directs the party toward the Ancient Ruins.
  52. At the bottom of the Ancient Ruins, the party finds a new airship, the The Invincible. Unei sends them to find the Fang of Earth in the Cave of Shadows.
  53. To prepare for the Cave of Shadows, the party flies to Falgabard, town of Mystic Knights, and explores the Falgabard Cave.
  54. Before continuing their quest, the party takes detours to Lake Dohr and Bahamut's Lair to obtain the Leviathan and Bahamut summons.
  55. The party descends into the Cave of Shadows and finds the fourth fang, the Fang of Earth.
  56. Bypassing the four Ancient Statues with the four fangs, the party heads to the Ancient's Maze where they defeat Titan and claim the three jobs of the Earth Crystal.
  57. The party returns to Doga's Manor and from there travels to Doga's Grotto.
  58. Returning to the Ancient's Maze, the party makes their way to the inside where the Crystal Tower lies.
  59. From the first level of the Crystal Tower, the party descends into the Forbidden Land Eureka, gaining powerful weapons as well as the Sage and Ninja jobs.
  60. The party climbs the Crystal Tower and confronts Xande, only to be sucked into the World of Darkness.
  61. After defeating the four guardians of the Dark Crystals in the World of Darkness, the party confronts the Cloud of Darkness and saves the world from destruction.