Spells: Possible effects of Bahamut Summon – 3 shown
Summons are spells with differing effects based on class; hidden spells must be earned or purchased in hidden shops; item effects power items and cannot be learned; terrain effects are used by geomancers
The type of spell this is, which determines which jobs can cast it; terrain spells are the effects created by geomancers' terrain ability; 'item'-type spells are created by using items in battle; abilities are used only by monsters
The level of the spell, which determines which jobs can cast it and what level mp it takes to cast
The effect of damaging or healing spells is increased with a high power; characters add a bonus to the spell power of damaging spells based on intelligence for black magic or mind for white magic; healing spells do not get any bonus
The base accuracy of the spell; characters add a bonus to accuracy based on intelligence for black magic or mind for white magic
The cost to buy this spell's tome in a shop
The amount of gil received when selling this spell in a shop
The targets that this spell can be used on; spells that target 'all' cannot be retargeted, and deal full damage to each target; spells that have a target of 'one/all' split their damage among all targets if used to target a group; both 'one/all' and 'one' target spells can be used against both enemies and allies, regardless of the default target
Any status ailments this spell inflicts on a successful casting
The elemental nature of this spell; targets that are weak to this element take double damage, while targets that resist this element take half damage; targets that absorb this element gain hit points equal to the usual damage dealt
The jobs which are capable of casting this spell; a character of any job can have any spell on their spell list, even if they cannot cast it
Cast By
Aura Summon 8 - 100% - - All Enemies - Ev
Rend Summon 8 144 100% - - One Enemy - Ev
Mega Flare Summon 8 255 100% - - All Enemies - Sa, Su
Shops: Where Bahamut is sold – 1 shown
The map this shop is located on
What this shop sells; mobile shops are contained within your vehicles; hidden shops sell powerful goods but must be found
Eureka B7 Summon Magic
Treasures: Containing Bahamut – 1 shown
The map where the treasure is found
The specifics of where this treasure can be found
Guarded By
Bahamut Bahamut's Lair B3 Won after defeating Bahamut -