Maps: Connected to Unei's Shrine – 1 shown
The name of the map, including both the general area and the specific floor or section; Limited maps are closed off at a certain point in the plot; temporary maps only appear during certain brief plot points; once you reach end game maps, you can no longer save or return to other areas
The number of treasures to be found on this map
The cost to stay at the inn, if there is one present
Miscellaneous helpful features of the area, such as healing springs and fat chocobos
A list of the types of shops that can be found here
- - - -
Treasures: Found in Unei's Shrine – 1 shown
The specifics of where this treasure can be found
Guarded By
Fang of Fire Given by Unei -
Items: Found in Unei's Shrine – 1 shown
Rare items can only be found as treasure or won from monsters; unique items can only be found as treasure; key items are unique items that are important to the plot
Some items can only be used in combat, some can only be used in the field, and some can be used in either situation; key items cannot be used at all
The cost to buy this item in a shop
The amount of gil received when selling this item in a shop
The spell cast when this item is used in battle; using the item in this way consumes it
Fang of Fire Key Item - - -