Plot Battles – 29 shown
The specific map where this plot battle will be fought
The specifics of where this plot battle will be fought
Altar Cave Crystal Room Land Turtle Entranceway
Sealed Cave B3 Djinn End of north path
Dragon's Peak Bahamut At end of path
Floating Continent Seas Nepto Dragon On Enterprise
Nepto Temple B2 Giant Rat End of path
Tower of Owen 10F Medusa Middle of room
Subterranean Lake B3 Gutsco End of the path
Molten Cave Crystal Room Salamander Entranceway
Hein's Castle 1F Demon Guard in west cell
Hein's Castle 5F Hein Center room
Cave of Tides Crystal Room Kraken Entranceway
Sewers B3 Goblin ×8 Central area
Goldor Manor Crystal Room Goldor Entranceway
Southwest Saronia Gold Knight ×4 Tavern
Saronia Castle Garuda Tower bedroom (automatic)
Saronia Catacombs 4F Odin Entrance from Catacombs
Lake Dohr B4 Leviathan End of the path
Bahamut's Lair B3 Bahamut Outside of exit
Cave of Shadows B8 Hecatoncheir Southwest altar
Doga's Grotto B3 Doga Inside room
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