Spells: Sold in Altair Spells – 4 shown
Rare spell tomes can only be found as treasure or won from monsters; unique spell tomes that only be found as treasure; special abilities are used by monsters or triggered by items, and cannot be learned from tomes; bugged spells have either no effect or a much lesser effect than intended, and may not be worth learning or leveling up
Whether this spell is black magic, white magic, or a special ability; characters cannot learn to cast special abilities
For damaging or healing spells, each spell success causes or heals between one and two times this amount of damage; non-damaging spells heal targets that absorb their element based on the spell's listed power
When cast by a character, the spell grants a bonus to accuracy; spells or abilities used by monsters or created by items use a preset base accuracy value instead of the usual spell accuracy
The status ailments inflicted or cured if the spell is successful, if any; if a number is shown, the spell requires that number of successes to cure the listed status ailment
The elemental nature of the spell; weakness to the element causes the spell to have perfect success, and doubles the damage dealt; resistance to the element causes the spell to have minimal effects, and halves damage; if the target absorbs the element, the spell is treated like the Cure spell and other effects are ignored
The cost to buy this spell's tome in a shop
The amount of gil received when selling this spell's tome in a shop
When used as an item in combat, spell tomes cast their spell at a high level, but are lost in the process; view individual spell pages for the base accuracy and targets of the tome's combat effect
Tome Effect
Fire Black 10 +0% - Fire 400 gil 100 gil Fire 8
Thunder Black 10 +0% - Lightning 400 gil 100 gil Thunder 8
Blizzard Black 10 +0% - Ice 400 gil 100 gil Blizzard 8
Cure White 20 +50% - - 200 gil 50 gil Cure 8