Final Fantasy II Walkthrough

  1. You will start the game in combat with four Black Knights. There is no way to win, or even survive, but don't worry about it.
  2. The game truly begins when you wake up in Altair. Firion is rejoined by Maria and Guy, but Leon is nowhere to be found. You should learn the [Wild Rose] keyword from Princess Hilda, who will suggest you travel to Fynn to search for Leon. Buy what gear and spells you can afford (a Cure is highly recommended) before leaving.
  3. Gatrea is north of Altair, on the way to Fynn. Someone here mentions the bar on the edge of town in Fynn where a dying member of the rebellion is hiding, and there is more gear to be found.
  4. Circle around the lake to the north to reach Fynn. Don't go too far north or west, or you'll be devastated by high-rank monsters. Fynn is crawling with the same easy monsters you've been fighting. Avoid speaking to any Captain and head to the gap in the town wall to the north. Circle around to the pub and say Wild Rose to the barkeeper to find Scott, who gives you the Ring before he passes away. With that, your work here is done.
  5. Return to Altair and show the Ring to Princess Hilda. You learn the [Mythril] keyword and are sent to find Josef in Salamand, with Minwu's accompaniment. Minwu also gives you a Canoe so you are able to make the trip.
  6. Canoe across the lake north of Altair, headed east towards Paloom. You can find gear upgrades here, and a ship to Poft for 32 gil.
  7. Either take the ship or walk to Poft, which has the same gear for sale as in Paloom. You'll find Cid in the pub who can tell you about [Airships], and his assistant will offer to fly you to Bafsk, Salamand, Semitt Falls, or Kashuan Keep.
  8. Head north and west to Salamand and speak to Josef. He asks you to free the townspeople enslaved in the Semitt Falls. Salamand has excellent, but expensive, gear and spell upgrades available.
  9. You can travel south then west around the mountains to reach Semitt Falls, but it is faster to head west from Salamand and Canoe back east down the river. Either way, you will find the enslaved townspeople on B3, and the Mythril (guarded by a Sergeant) on B5
  10. Return to Altair with the Mythril. Princess Hilda asks you to bring it to the blacksmith Tobul, and teaches you the [Dreadnought] keyword. After speaking to Tobul, you will be able to buy mythril arms and armor here, as well as in Paloom and Poft. Your next destination is Bafsk.
  11. Bafsk lies east of Poft, so head there (possibly taking the ferry from Paloom). Find the rebel spy posing as an imperial to gain access to the Bafsk Cave. You can also buy new arms and spells in Bafsk's shops, and speak to the imperials in the town.
  12. At the end of the Bafsk Cave, you learn that the Dreadnought is complete, and see it take off to begin its reign of terror. Return to the cave to obtain the Pass before leaving Bafsk.
  13. Once again you must return to Altair, but make it a point to stop in Poft on the way back and speak to Cid, who will teach you the [Sunfire] keyword.
  14. Back in Altair, Minwu will leave the party to care for the dying king. You will learn that the Sunfire needed to destroy the Dreadnought is kept in Kashuan Keep, and that the [Goddess's Bell] is needed to open the keep. Gordon would know where it is, but he's nowhere to be found. Princess Hilda suggests instead speaking to Josef in Salamand
  15. Travel back to Salamand, where Josef will join you, directing you first to the Semitt Falls.
  16. At the Semitt Falls, find the secret room near the strange blue object Josef mentioned to obtain the Snowcraft. You can now travel north to the snow fields, and the Snow Cavern within.
  17. Cross the snow fields and enter the Snow Cavern. On floor B5, you will find a number of giant beavers, one of which Guy can speak to. It will direct you to a secret path leading to the Adamantoise that guards the Goddess's Bell. You will have to fight Borghen on the stairs leading back to the cavern entrance, and Josef will leave the party shortly after the fight.
  18. Head to Kashuan Keep, using the Goddess's Bell to open the door behind the Sunfire. You will meet Gordon, who joins the party, and climb to the upper levels of the castle where you will battle the Red Soul and obtain Egil's Torch. Using the Egil's Torch, retrieve the Sunfire.
  19. Visit the Chocobo Forest directly south of Kashuan Keep for free transportation across the world!
  20. Return to Altair, where you learn that Princess Hilda and Cid have been captured and are being held on the Dreadnought. Rumor has it that this ship is docked somewhere north of Fynn.
  21. Follow the isthmus northwest from Fynn to find the Dreadnought. Use your Pass to gain entry, but avoid speaking to the Captain or you will be attacked. Find the prisoners, then search to find the ship's engine. Destroy it using the Sunfire, at which point you will be automatically transported back to Altair.
  22. Upon your return to Altair, Gordon will leave, and the king will ask you to contact the [Dragoons] of Castle Deist, hoping to recruit them and their [Wyverns] to the rebellion's cause. Castle Deist is a distant island, so you will need a ship.
  23. Visit Paloom, where you will find a woman who offers you passage to Castle Deist. It's a trap, and her pirate minions will attack you. Defeat them to gain control of the ship, at which point the woman, Leila, joins the party.
  24. While you can visit Castle Deist immediately, and plotwise that is the most logical course of action, in terms of enemy progression your next destination should be the Tropical Island that is on the way there. To sail for either, head southeast and sail around the peninsula south of Altair. The Tropical Island is southwest from here, while Castle Deist is further south and east. You will find a shop here, as well as the Black Mask that you will need later in the game.
  25. When you're ready, head to Castle Deist. The castle has no enemies, but plenty of treasure. You'll also find a woman and her son, as well as the last Wyvern. In order to speak with the Wyvern, you must retrieve the dragoon's pendant from the Deist Cavern to the north.
  26. Enter the Deist Cavern and find the pendant on floor B2. You will return here shortly, but for now you should head back to the castle and speak with the Wyvern.
  27. The Wyvern in Castle Deist asks you to take its Wyvern Egg and incubate it at the bottom of the Deist Cavern. You also learn of the dragoon Ricard who left in an attempt to find the forbidden magic, Ultima.
  28. Return to the Deist Cavern, this time heading to the spring of life at the bottom. Once the Wyvern Egg is placed there, you are free to leave Castle Deist.
  29. Though you return to Altair empty-handed, there are new plots afoot. Gordon tells you that Hilda has gone mad, but speaking to her reveals that it is not Hilda at all, but a Lamia Queen in disguise! After defeating the monster, Leila leaves and Gordon rejoins the party. Your next task is to rescue the real Hilda, who is being held at the Coliseum in Palamecia.
  30. There are several routes to Palamecia. You can travel north past the location where you destroyed the Dreadnought, or south from Kashuan Keep. The fastest method is to dock your ship east of the peninsula south of Altair, heading inland to the Palamecian desert.
  31. In the Coliseum, you will fight a Behemoth, but victory does not win you Princess Hilda. Rather, you are thrown in prison. Escape with Paul's help, freeing Hilda on your way. Gordon accompanies her out, leaving the party to return too Altair on its own.
  32. Back in Altair, you learn that the rebels are making to retake Fynn, and have set up a Rebel Camp northwest of town.
  33. Head to the Rebel Camp, where you are asked to help retake Fynn from the empire.
  34. Enter Castle Fynn, where Leila rejoins the party. You can explore the castle and gather treasure, or head directly for the Gottos, which removes the random encounters from the area. Once the Gottos is defeated, the castle is retaken and populated with rebels. You learn that Minwu left for [Mysidia] to unseal the forbidden [Ultima Tome]. You are asked to follow in his footsteps, for which you need two [Masks], one of which can be found in Castle Fynn. Hilda teaches you the password [Ekmet Teloess], but does not know where the White Mask is actually found.
  35. Visit Fynn, which has also been freed, and features many shops with near gear and spells. Speak to Paul, who knows where the secret door in Castle Fynn is.
  36. Return to Fynn and follow Paul's instructions to reach its Castle Fynn Basement. At the bottom, you will find the White Mask.
  37. Your next destination is Mysidia, which is southwest of Altair. Walk or sail to the area. You learn that you need two masks to unseal Ultima. If you did not get the Black Mask at the Tropical Island earlier, now is the time to do so. Place the White Mask on the statue in town, and with the Black Mask in hand, head to the Mysidian Cave.
  38. The Mysidian Cave is inside a spiral of mountains southeast of Mysidia. The Black Mask will let you bypass the doppelganger on the first floor. Your goal is to obtain the Crystal Rod on the bottom floor.
  39. With the Crystal Rod in hand, sail for the Mysidian Tower on an island just west of Altair. Upon nearing the island, the ship is swallowed by Leviathan! Leila is lost in the attack, but you can recruit Ricard the dragoon inside the dungeon. Fight your way out and continue to the Mysidian Tower.
  40. Climb the Mysidian Tower, defeating all three gigas guardians and unsealing the forbidden magic, Ultima.
  41. While you were in the Mysidian Tower, the Emperor summoned a Cyclone that has destroyed several towns in the vicinity of Fynn, and now threatens Fynn itelsf. Learn more of the [Cyclone] in Castle Fynn, and speak to Princess Hilda of wyverns. She will tell you that a pendant might call forth a Wyvern from the magic mirror. Take her advice and summon a Wyvern that can take you inside the Cyclone.
  42. Visit Fynn, speaking to Paul of the cyclone. He will give you access to his hidden treasures.
  43. Use the Wyvern to enter the Cyclone and attack the Emperor himself. Once defeated, the Cyclone will disappear and the party automatically returns to Fynn.
  44. Back in Fynn, it seems that all is well. However, it seems that the dark knight, revealed as Leon himself, has taken over as the new emperor!
  45. Visit Paul in Fynn once again, where you also find Cid. With his dying breath, he gives you his airship.
  46. Travel to Poft, where Cid's airship currently resides. With it, you can travel the world in style and safety.
  47. Land on Castle Palamecia's seventh floor, looking for Leon. A trap sends you to the first floor, but you must climb back up to the throne room and confront your old friend. When you do so, Ricard will leave and the Emperor will return.
  48. The party returns automatically to Fynn, where Leon finally rejoins. They learn of the [Jade Passage] that leads to Pandaemonium, the Emperor's new palace.
  49. Visit Castle Deist and speak to Ricard's widow, who grants you the mighty Excalibur.
  50. Travel to the Jade Passage through the sinkhole on the central peninsula, traveling downward towards the portal to Pandaemonium.
  51. Ascend through Pandaemonium's floors, fighting diabolical foes and finding great treasure. Confront the Emperor once and for all, and save the world!