1. Party PlanningMaster FFII's leveling system to create a party that can overcome any challenge with ease.
  2. Game SystemsThe mechanics and bugs of FFII are laid bare.

The Rebellion

  1. Waking Up in AltairAfter a brutal battle, three youths awaken in Altair and join the rebellion.
  2. Infiltrating FynnThe party sneaks into Fynn and makes contact with Scott.


  1. Paloom and PoftTwo towns connected by a ferry offer the chance to recover and re-equip on the way to Salamand.
  2. SalamandJosef reveals that his quest for Mythril has gone poorly, with the men of the town captured.
  3. Semitt FallsThe party frees the prisoners held at Semitt Falls and recovers the Mythril.
  4. Return to AltairPowerful new weapons and armor forged with Mythril are now available in Altair.

The Dreadnought

  1. Bafsk and the DreadnoughtThe party travels to the occupied town of Bafsk to gather information on the [Dreadnought].
  2. Back to Semitt FallsIn the quest to find the Goddess's Bell, Josef joins and directs the party to his Snowcraft.
  3. The Snow CavernUsing the Snowcraft, the party finds the Goddess's Bell in the Snow Cavern.
  4. Kashuan KeepUsing the Goddess's Bell to open Kashuan Keep, the party finds Gordon and obtains the Sunfire.
  5. The DreadnoughtSunfire in hand, the party travels to the docked Dreadnought to save their friends and destroy the ship.

The Dragoons of Deist

  1. Setting SailDestined for Castle Deist, the party boards Leila's ship.
  2. The Tropical Island (Optional)The party may explore the Tropical Island where they find the mysterious Black Mask.
  3. Castle Deist and the Last WyvernAt Castle Deist the party learns of the last of the [Wyverns] and the Pendant needed to speak to it.
  4. Deist CavernFulfilling a dying wish, the party brings the Wyvern Egg deep into the Deist Cavern.

Princess Hilda

  1. Hilda Gone Mad?Princess Hilda has reportedly been acting strangely since being rescued from the Dreadnought.
  2. Showdown at the ColiseumThe party travels to the Coliseum in the shadow of Castle Palamecia to rescue the real Princess Hilda.
  3. Liberating Castle FynnIt is finally time to drive the Empire out of Castle Fynn.
  4. Exploring FynnWith Fynn freed, it's time to check out the newly opened stores in town.

The Ultima Tome

  1. The White MaskThe White Mask is located in the Castle Fynn Basement, but the trouble is finding the path to get there.
  2. MysidiaThe magical town of Mysidia reveals the uses of the White and Black Masks.
  3. The Mysidian CaveWith the Black Mask from the Tropical Island in hand, the party can delve into the Mysidian Cave to find the Crystal Rod.
  4. LeviathanUpon approach to the Mysidian Tower, the ship is swallowed by Leviathan.
  5. The Mysidian TowerThe party fights their way through gigantic guardians to find the Ultima Tome atop the Mysidian Tower.

The Emperor

  1. The Cyclone AppearsThe Cyclone has devastated Altair and the surrounding towns, and the party needs to find a way inside.
  2. Defeat the EmperorUsing the Wyvern, the party enters the Cyclone and defeats the Emperor.
  3. The AirshipCid bequeaths his airship to the party, allowing them to approach Castle Palamecia from above.
  4. Castle PalameciaConquer the guardians of Castle Palamecia and defeat the Dark Knight, new ruler of the Empire.

The Final Battle

  1. The Jade PassageThe party travels through a mysterious opening in the ground through the Jade Passage.
  2. PandaemoniumFantastic treasures and a final confrontation with the Emperor await in Pandaemonium.
  3. The Final BattleDefeat the Emperor in the climactic battle and save the world of FFII!