Status Effects: Resisted by Curse Ring – 1 shown
Positive status effects are generally beneficial; negative status effects are generally harmful; special status effects can only be inflicted by certain materia commands
This status is negated by its opposed status
Type Duration Effect
Death-sentence - Negative Temporary Character dies when the timer runs out
Items of Interest: Curse Ring – 1 shown
Item Type
Whether this item can be found or collected multiple times
Area Screen Details
Curse Ring Item No Mideel Mideel, Weapon Store Try to open the locked door with the old key, then tell the truth (game calls it Cursed Ring)
Monsters: With Curse Ring – 1 shown
Limited monsters never appear in random encounters; bosses are involved in important plot fights; special bosses and the final bosses are specifically called out as well; super bosses represent the greatest challenge in the game; Battle Square monsters only appear in the Battle Square; chocobos only appear in certain areas when using a Chocobo Lure and can be caught
Level HP MP Attack
The base physical damage dealt by this monster's abilities; physical damage abilities typically deal damage as a multiple of this value (P)
Base P
Magic atk
The base magic damage dealt by this monster's abilities; magic damage abilities typically deal damage as a multiple of this value (M)
Base M
This is the damage a monster will take compared to the base damage of a physical attack
Phys. Vuln.
Magic def
This is the damage a monster will take compared to the base damage of a magic attack
Magic Vuln.
Note that party members get a +50 bonus to Dexterity during combat which monsters do not
Luck Elemental Vulnerability Status Immunity EXP AP Gil
The rate of Steal success per item by a character of equal level to the monster; these rates will change based on the level difference between the Stealing character and the monster; hover over a percentage to see the base rate (which is based on being 10 levels higher than the monster); this rate is multiplied by 80%±2% per level difference; only one item can be stolen, so an increase in level may in some cases decrease the effective Steal rate of items later in the list
A monster will never drop an item if an item was Stolen from it during the battle; only monsters present in the final battle of a multi-battle sequence may drop items
Ultimate Weapon 61 100,000 400 100 1050 170 1386 120 76% 100 80% 3% 120 50 Invalid: Gravity Defend: Sleep, Small, Confusion, Silence, Frog, Stop, Berserk, Poison, Paralyzed, Petrify, Slow-numb, Manipulate, Death, Death-sentence - - - Curse Ring (41.2%) - -
Attributes: Increased by Curse Ring – 6 shown
Name Description
Dexterity Determines how often your turn comes up in battle and increases your accuracy and chance to evade physical attacks
Luck Determines the chance of lucky hits, lucky evasion, and critical hits
Magic Determines the strength of magic attacks
Spirit Reduces the damage from magic attacks
Strength Determines the strength of physical attacks
Vitality Reduces the damage from physical attacks