Characters: Who start with Clothes – 1 shown
End game characters are in your party at the end of the game; note that these characters may still leave (and take any equipment they are carrying with them) at points during the game
The minimum level the character joins the party at; if the character previously attained a higher level, they rejoin at that level instead
The gear this character joins the party with
The battle commands this character has access to
The specific map on which this character joins the party
Join Map
Details on exactly when this character joins the party
Join Notes
Cecil Paladin 1 Legend Sword, Clothes Fight, White, Cover, Item Mt. Ordeals Summit After entering stone shrine
Shops: Where Clothes is sold – 2 shown
The map this shop is located on
The type of shop this is; underworld and moon shops are found on those worlds
Kaipo Armor
Troia Armor
Treasures: Containing Clothes – 1 shown
The map where the treasure is found
The specifics of where this treasure can be found
The monsters guarding this treasure, which will attack when the treasure is opened
Guarded By
Clothes Chest in hidden area of abandoned house -