Monster Abilities: Used by Tonberry – 5 shown
Basic abilities are not called out by name when used; some abilities are used as basic abilities only by certain monsters
The damage calculation of the ability; P or M represent the user's physical or magic base damage, which is based on their Attack/Magic atk and Level; damage based on P or M is reduced by 1/3 when used against multiple targets; HP or MP are those of the target of the ability; abilities marked with an asterisk (*) use special damage formulas; a dagger (†) indicates the ability ignores Defense/Magic def; healing, MP restoration, HP draining, and MP draining or damaging abilities are indicated by their text color
Base Damage
The estimated average amount of damage this ability will deal to a target with 128 Defense or Magic def when used by this monster (3/4 of base damage); actual damage will vary considerably based on the target's actual Defense or Magic def and other factors, but this is a good measure of the relative danger of this ability; a dagger (†) indicates that the ability deals set damage or otherwise ignores Defense and Magic def; numbers in italics are based on factors that will change during combat and should be considered very rough estimates; healing, MP restoration, HP drain, and MP drain or damage are indicated by text color
Typical Damage
Attack% Type Target Element
The status effects that can be inflicted or removed by this ability, and the chance of success if it is not assured
Special Properties
Time Damage - m + 100×h* - Always Hits Physical One/all enemies - - Deals damage equal to minutes played + 100×hours played
Knife - - - Always Hits Magic One/all enemies Cut Add: Death -
Move - - - Always Hits Physical Self - - -
Move Right - - - Always Hits Physical Self - - -
Move Left - - - Always Hits Physical Self - - -
Screens: Where Tonberry is Encountered – 1 shown
Temporary screens become permanently inaccessible during the normal course of the game
The random encounter groups that you may fight on this screen; this list only includes standard encounters, but special encounter types may also be present as detailed on the screen detail page; encounter rates are in parenthesis and are out of 256
Random Encounters
How many treasures (items of interest containing equipment or other items) are found on this screen
The price of the cheapest inn in this screen. it is not necessarily always available
Inn Price
Save Point Notes
Gold Saucer Arena Lobby - - - - -
Battle Square Battles: With Tonberry – 1 shown
The special battle must be unlocked by fulfilling certain requirements
When this battle is available; only one regular battle is available at any given time
The starting encounters that indicate that you will be competing against group 1 during a regular battle
Encounter Group 1
The starting encounters that indicate that you will be competing against group 2 during a regular battle
Encounter Group 2
Which characters can participate in this battle, subject to both timing and special rules
The potential rewards for competing in the battle square; these don't include items that can be purchased with earned battle points
Area Screen
Third Regular Battle Regular Battle After Cloud rejoins the party in Mideel 3 Razor Weeds
2 Jayjujaymes, Bizarre Bug
2 Foulanders
3 Foulanders
2 Dual Horns
2 Garudas
2 Jayjujaymes, Garuda
3 Garudas
Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Red XIII, Cid, Yuffie, Cait Sith, Vincent Tissue
Battle Points
Gold Saucer Arena Lobby
Battle Square Rounds: With Tonberry – 1 shown
Battle Round
Possible encounters you may fight during this round of the battle for group 1
Group 1 Encounters
Possible encounters you may fight during this round of the battle for group 2
Group 2 Encounters
Third Regular Battle 7 Malboro
Blue Dragon
Dragon Rider
3 Gremlins
2 Wind Wings
2 Ironites
Encounters: With Tonberry – 1 shown
Limited encounters never appear as random encounters; bosses are involved in important plot fights; special bosses and the final bosses are specifically called out as well; super bosses represent the greatest challenge in the game; Battle Square encounters only appear in the Battle Square; chocobo encounters only appear in certain areas when using a Chocobo Lure and can be caught
The range of levels of monsters in this encounter
In a pincer attack, your party is surrounded; in a side attack, your party surrounds the enemies; in a back attack, the enemy attacks from behind
Whether pre-emptive strikes are possible in this encounter; pre-emptive strikes are only possible during normal battles, and are disabled during any set encounter on a map with no random encounters, even if the encounter would normally allow them; there are no pre-emptive strikes in the battle square
A factor indicating how hard it is to run from a battle; for example, it will generally take twice as long to run from a battle with a ×2 run difficulty than one with a ×1 run difficulty
Run Difficulty
The specific monsters that appear in this encounter; a dagger (†) indicates that one or more of the marked monsters have cover, meaning that they cannot be attacked until certain monsters in closer rows have been defeated
Tonberry 25 999 99 999 gil Normal Battle No ×3 Tonberry
Items: Held by Tonberry – 3 shown
Uncommon items cannot be purchased in shops, but can be found or won multiple times in other ways; rare items can only be found at specific points during the game; special items are held by the most powerful monsters in the game
The damage calculation of the item's effect; multiple hits are indicated first; items deal full damage to multiple targets and always hit; HP or MP are those of the character the item is used on; healing and MP restoration items are indicated by their text color
Base Damage
Type Target Element
The status effects that can be inflicted or removed by this spell, and the chance of success if it is not assured
Special Properties Price Value Use in Field?
Turbo Ether Fully Restores MP 100% MP Magic One ally Restorative - - - 1 gil Yes
Elixir Fully Restores HP/MP 100% HP/MP Physical One ally Restorative - - - 1 gil Yes
Phoenix Down Restores life 1/4 HP Magic One ally Restorative Remove: Death 25% chance of Death on targets that Absorb Restorative 300 gil 150 gil Yes
Elements: Resisted by Tonberry – 1 shown
Physical elements are applied to physical attacks rather than magic; healing elements heal rather than harm; the hidden element is not shown within the game menus
Gravity Magic
Status Effects: Resisted by Tonberry – 11 shown
Positive status effects are generally beneficial; negative status effects are generally harmful; special status effects can only be inflicted by certain materia commands
This status is negated by its opposed status
Type Duration Effect
Berserk - Negative Temporary Character attacks uncontrollably but deals 50% extra damage
Confusion - Negative Temporary Character will attack allies, effect ends when hit by any physical attack
Death - Negative Permanent Character is dead
Death-sentence - Negative Temporary Character dies when the timer runs out
Frog - Negative Temporary Character deals 1/4 physical damage and can only Fight, use Items, or cast Toad
Manipulate - Negative Temporary Your party decides the afflicted monster's actions
Petrify - Negative Temporary Character cannot act but is immune to damage and status effects
Poison - Negative Temporary Character repeatedly takes 1/32 of max HP damage
Silence - Negative Temporary Character cannot use magic
Slow-numb - Negative Temporary Character will be afflicted with Petrify when the timer runs out
Small - Negative Temporary Character deals 1 damage with all physical attacks