Locations: Found in A.D. – 5 shown
Dungeons and towers have multiple levels and are filled with enemies; extraterrestrial locations are found on planets other than Earth
The number and types of treasures that can be found and claimed at this location; this includes any types of transportation that can be claimed in this location, not including horses purchased at a transport shop
Port Bonifice Village Frigate
New San Antonio Town Horse, plane
Castle of Lord British Castle -
Egypt Tower Tower 54 chests, 31 tri-lithiums
Greenland Dungeon Dungeon 11 chests, 8 tri-lithiums
Time Doors: Found in A.D. – 4 shown
The part of the world where this time door is found
To World
The part of the arrival world where this time door leads
Arrival Area
A.D. to Legends Door Australia Legends Southern mountains
A.D. to Pangea Door Greenland Pangea Northeast peninsula
A.D. to B.C. Door England B.C. Central Europe
A.D. to Aftermath Door South America Aftermath Alaska
Time Doors: Leading to A.D. – 4 shown
Name World
The part of the world where this time door is found
The part of the arrival world where this time door leads
Arrival Area
Legends to A.D. Door Legends Southern mountains England
Pangea to A.D. Door Pangea Southeast England
B.C. to A.D. Door B.C. Central Europe England
Aftermath to A.C. Door Aftermath Alaska South America
Creatures: Encountered in A.D. – 9 shown
Dungeon creatures are found in dungeons and towers; town creatures are not normally aggressive; you must defeat the final boss to complete the game
The amount of HP a randomly generated creature of this type starts with; for creatures found in towers or dungeons, this is the range from the creature's starting HP on the first level it appears to its starting hp on level 15; creatures in villages, towns, and castles have different HP totals, as do those creatures that start the game in the Legends era
The areas where this creature may randomly appear; this does not include creatures that are already in a given location
Sea Monster 64 Sea Travels on water
Orc 16 Land -
Daemon 64 Land Uses leg paralysis (range 2, you cannot move)
Devil 192 Land Uses arm paralysis (range 2, you cannot attack)
Balron 255 Land Uses sleep spell (range 2, you cannot do anything)
Frigate 160 Sea Can be Boarded, travels on water
Fighter 128 Land Drops 1-4 torches, sometimes drops a helm
Wizard 224 Land Casts magic missile (range 2), sometimes drops a wand or staff
Thief 32 Land Can steal any item, can drop any item except the ring, can drop tools