Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress Walkthrough

Ultima II's plot is a lot more linear than that of its predecessor, and there are far fewer redundant towns to explore. However, it's still very easy to wander around aimlessly or get lost, and Ultima II certainly isn't hurting for redundant content (e.g., every other planet in the solar system!). Your goal is to find and defeat Minax, and to do this you'll need the Ring. (Contrary to popular belief, you do not need the Quick Sword to defeat Minax). Everything in the game is building towards obtaining the Ring, then heading to the Shadow Guard and completing the game.

Keep in mind that while the actual list of required plot events is quite short, you'll spend a lot of time grinding for money and the various items you need to use different vehicles and powers.

  • You begin the game in the B.C. era, in the United States. You have 400 HP, 400 food, 400 gold, no experience, and items or equipment. Cross the land bridge from Alaska to Russia and head toward Towne Linda to buy a weapon and armour, and Le Jester to buy food or magic spells.
  • Take the time doors to A.D. England and enter the Castle of Lord British. Lord British will give you hit points in exchange for gold at any time.
  • In Port Bonifice you learn that to earn the ring the seers speak of, you must find the father.
  • Visit Baradins Town in Pangea to learn that the father, Father Antos, is on X and that the planet can be found at coordinates 9–9–9.
  • Fight thieves in the countryside until you earn a Brass Button and a Skull Key.
  • Head to New San Antonio where you can find a plane.
  • If you do not already have one, fight more thieves until you earn an Ankh.
  • Purchase and equip either Reflect Armour or Power Armour armour so you can survive space flight.
  • Fly your plane through time doors to the Aftermath, and from there visit Pirates Harbour.
  • Commandeer a rocket and Hyper jump to coordinates 9–9–9, landing on X.
  • Visit the Castle Barataria and get Father Antos's blessing.
  • Return to Earth at coordinates 6–6–6 and head for New San Antonio where you can now buy the Ring from an old man for 500 gold.
  • Optional: Offer Santre the Swashbuckler 500 gold to obtain the Quick Sword.
  • Head to Shadow Guard in the era of Legends and defeat Minax.