Time Doors – 20 shown
Name World
The part of the world where this time door is found
To World
The part of the arrival world where this time door leads
Arrival Area
Legends to Pangea Door Legends Southern mountains Pangea Greenland
Legends to B.C. Door Legends Southern mountains B.C. Eastern Europe
Legends to A.D. Door Legends Southern mountains A.D. England
Legends to Aftermath Door Legends Southern mountains Aftermath Alaska
Pangea to Legends Door Pangea Greenland Legends Southern mountains
Pangea to B.C. Door Pangea Northeast peninsula B.C. Eastern Europe
Pangea to A.D. Door Pangea Southeast A.D. England
Pangea to Aftermath Door Pangea Central plains Aftermath Alaska
B.C. to Legends Door B.C. Canada Legends Southern mountains
B.C. to Pangea Door B.C. Eastern Europe Pangea Northeast peninsula
B.C. to A.D. Door B.C. Central Europe A.D. England
B.C. to Aftermath Door B.C. South America Aftermath Alaska
A.D. to Legends Door A.D. Australia Legends Southern mountains
A.D. to Pangea Door A.D. Greenland Pangea Northeast peninsula
A.D. to B.C. Door A.D. England B.C. Central Europe
A.D. to Aftermath Door A.D. South America Aftermath Alaska
Aftermath to Legends Door Aftermath Southeast United States Legends Southern mountains
Aftermath to Pangea Door Aftermath Southern Eurasia Pangea Northeast peninsula
Aftermath to B.C. Door Aftermath Eastern Eurasia B.C. Central Europe
Aftermath to A.C. Door Aftermath Alaska A.D. South America