Commands – 27 shown
Name Key Effect
Attack a Attack with the readied weapon (forward in dungeons, directional elsewhere)
Board b Board a horse, frigate, plane, or rocket (may require a specific item)
Cast c Cast the readied spell
Descend d Climb down a ladder in a dungeon
Enter e Enter a town, village, castle, dungeon, or tower
Fire f Fire the cannons while on a frigate (similar to attack, deals random damage)
Get g Get weapons or armour in town, or chests in dungeons and towers
Hyperspace h Jump to a different set of coordinates while in a rocket (sometimes goes off course)
Ignite i Use a torch to light a dungeon for 148 actions or until blown out
Jump j No useful effect
Klimb k Climb up a ladder in a dungeon
Launch/Land l Launch a plane or rocket, or land a plane in flight
Magic m Ready a spell you own
Negate n Prevents all enemies from moving, but not attacking, for 20 turns (overhead maps only, does not affect neutral NPCs)
Offer o Give an NPC 100-900 gold in increments of 100
Pass p Pass time, do not use food
Quit q Save the game
Ready r Ready a weapon you own
Steal s Steal from a shop in a village or town (sometimes alerts the guards, will not succeed afterward)
Transact t Speak to an NPC or give tribute to a king
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