Hints – 16 shown
Type Hint
The price at which a seer will give this hint; tavern hints also vary by price, but the same hint may be seen at different tip prices
Tavern Ankhs open space! -
Tavern Guards carry keys! -
Tavern Planes need brass buttons! -
Tavern Mages carry wands or staffs! -
Tavern Saylors wear blue tassles! -
Tavern Some fighters wear magic helms! -
Tavern Aviators use skull keys! -
Seer The queen is the king and the king is a spy! 100 gold
Seer The evil men do is a horrible thing. 200 gold
Seer But dispelling means that you must have the ring. 300 gold
Seer Just where it is, I cannot say. 400 gold
Seer But I'll tell you right now, there is no other way. 500 gold
Seer I hear in a town where the water runs free. 600 gold
Seer There is an old man living under a tree. 700 gold
Seer He has not a name but he does have a clue. 800 gold
Seer Mayhaps if you find him, he'll tell it to you! 900 gold