Vehicles – 5 shown
Special vehicles must be stolen or commandeered, and require special items to operate
The amount of food used each time you make a one-tile move on land (flying uses no food)
Food per Move
The maximum price of this vehicle when purchased in a shop; if the sum of your charisma and intelligence scores is high enough, this price may be reduced to one of two lower prices; these prices can be seen by hovering over the listed price
Walking 0.19 Normal movement, cannot cross mountains or water -
Horse 0.38 Moves twice as fast as land creatures, can't cross swamps 84 gold
Frigate 0.00 Travels on water, can Fire cannons -
Plane 0.38 Can fly over any terrain without using food, and land on grass; taxis only on grass and brick -
Rocket n/a Can travel to other planets, land on grass -