Shops: Which Sell Horse – 5 shown
Shop Name World Location
The list of goods available for sale at this type of shop; prices can be found on the appropriate page for each type of item
Goods Sold
Transport B.C. Towne Linda Horse
Transport A.D. New San Antonio Horse
Transport Mars Towne Mary Horse
Horse Pluto Towne Makler Horse
Transport X Towne Basko Horse
Locations: Where Horse may be Found – 3 shown
Dungeons and towers have multiple levels and are filled with enemies; extraterrestrial locations are found on planets other than Earth
Type World
The number and types of treasures that can be found and claimed at this location; this includes any types of transportation that can be claimed in this location, not including horses purchased at a transport shop
New San Antonio Town A.D. Horse, plane
Towne Makler Town Pluto Horse
Towne Basko Town X Horse, frigate