Shops: Found in Port Bonifice – 4 shown
Shop Name
The type of shop this is, which determines the list of goods sold there; all shops of a given type offer an identical list of goods at identical prices
The list of goods available for sale at this type of shop; prices can be found on the appropriate page for each type of item
Goods Sold
Chad Mads Wizard Spells Light, Down Ladder, Up Ladder, Magic Missile, Blink, Kill
X Road Chapel Cleric Spells Light, Down Ladder, Up Ladder, Passwall, Surface, Prayer
Mc Donalls Food Food (×100)
Seer Seer Hints
Set Creatures: Found in Port Bonifice – 32 shown
This creature's starting hit points in this instance; some creatures are completely invincible and immune to all attacks
This creature's default behavior; creatures with 'Special' behavior stand still but also have a special response when you Transact with them; if you attack any creature, that creature as well as all guards, monsters (except orcs), and anyone with a behavior of 'Pursue' will change their behavior to 'Attack'
Guard Invincible Stand
Guard 255 Stand
Guard 255 Wander
Guard 255 Stand
Guard 255 Stand
Guard 255 Wander
Guard 255 Wander
Guard 255 Wander
Merchant 30 Pursue
Merchant 35 Pursue
Merchant 20 Pursue
Merchant 25 Pursue
Orc 15 Wander
Orc 15 Wander
Orc 15 Wander
Orc 15 Wander
Merchant 30 Special
Jester 255 Special
Fighter 50 Wander
Fighter 60 Wander
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Creatures: Encountered in Port Bonifice – 8 shown
Dungeon creatures are found in dungeons and towers; town creatures are not normally aggressive; you must defeat the final boss to complete the game
The amount of HP a randomly generated creature of this type starts with; for creatures found in towers or dungeons, this is the range from the creature's starting HP on the first level it appears to its starting hp on level 15; creatures in villages, towns, and castles have different HP totals, as do those creatures that start the game in the Legends era
The areas where this creature may randomly appear; this does not include creatures that are already in a given location
Sea Monster 64 Sea Travels on water
Orc 16 Land -
Guard - - Drops 2 keys
Jester - - -
Merchant - - -
Fighter 128 Land Drops 1-4 torches, sometimes drops a helm
Wizard 224 Land Casts magic missile (range 2), sometimes drops a wand or staff
Thief 32 Land Can steal any item, can drop any item except the ring, can drop tools