Chrono Trigger Walkthrough

  1. Wake up and go to Leene Square, where you meet Marle, who promptly disappears
  2. Follow Marle through the Millenial Fair Gate to Truce Canyon in the Middle Ages
  3. Travel through Guardia Forest to Guardia Castle where you meet Marle again, and she again disappears
  4. Meet Frog in the Cathedral, and fight your way through to save Queen Leene
  5. Return to the Present, then fight through Guardia Forest to Guardia Castle
  6. Crono is arrested, put on trial, and thrown in Prison
  7. Decide whether to escape with Crono alone or wait for Lucca's help
  8. With Marle, escape to the Guardia Forest Gate, arriving at the Bangor Dome in the Future
  9. Travel south to the Trann Dome and meet the survivors of the Future
  10. Cross Lab 16 on your way east
  11. Visit Arris Dome, trading the Seed found there for a Bike Key
  12. Optional: Explore the Sewer Access and visit the Keeper's Dome
  13. Use the Bike Key to race Johnny or walk across Lab 32 on foot
  14. Find Robo in Proto Dome
  15. Enter the Factory to restore power to the door in Proto Dome
  16. Arrive at the End of Time
  17. Travel to Residence (Medina) in the Present and visit Melchior's Hut west of town
  18. Trek through the Heckran Cave back to Truce
  19. Return to the Middle Ages and speak to the knights on Zenan Bridge
  20. Obtain Jerky from the chef at Guardia Castle
  21. Fight your way across Zenan Bridge
  22. Optional: Enter the Cursed Woods and speak to Frog
  23. Climb the Denadoro Mts and obtain the Bent Sword
  24. Get the Hero Medal from Tata's House
  25. Visit Frog again to obtain the Bent Hilt
  26. Speak to Melchior's Hut in the Present to learn that you need Dreamstone to reforge the Masamune
  27. Take the End of Time Gate to the Mystic Mts in the Prehistoric Era
  28. Win the Dreamstone in a drinking game against Ayla
  29. Optional: Hunt at the Hunting Range for items to trade for new equipment.
  30. Discovering that the Gate Key was stolen, follow the thieves into the Forest Maze
  31. Track the Reptites to the Reptite Lair and defeat Nizbel to reclaim the Gate Key
  32. Return to Melchior's Hut to reforge the Masamune
  33. Give Frog the Masamune and he will rejoin the party
  34. Return to the End of Time to teach Frog magic
  35. Travel through the Magic Cave to Magus's Lair
  36. Defeat Magus and his henchmen, ending up back in Prehistoric times
  37. Visit the Laruba Ruins to find Ayla
  38. Go to the Dactyl Nest to gain the ability to fly
  39. Travel to the Tyrano Lair and defeat BlackTyrano, revealing the Tyrano Lair Gate
  40. Follow the Tyrano Lair Gate to the Dark Ages and visit Enhasa and Kajar on your way toward Zeal Palace
  41. Use the Mammon Machine to power up Marle's Pendant, after which you are thrown out and the Dark Ages Gate is sealed
  42. Travel through the Sewer Access to the Keeper's Dome in the Future and find the Epoch
  43. Use the Epoch to return to the Dark Ages, and visit the Terra Cave
  44. Fight through the Beast's Nest to the Mountain of Woe and save Melchior's Hut
  45. Use the Pendant in Zeal Palace to open the path to the Ocean Palace
  46. Fight your way to Lavos(strong) in the Ocean Palace, where Crono is killed
  47. The party wakes up in the Commons, only to be taken prisoner by Dalton Plus
  48. Find the party's gear on the Blackbird and escape, reclaiming the now flying Epoch
  49. Confront Magus on the North Cape
  50. Optional Quest: The Time Egg
  51. Sidequest: Cyrus's Ghost
  52. Sidequest: The Sunken Desert
  53. Sidequest: Ozzie's Fort
  54. Sidequest: Geno Dome
  55. Sidequest: The Sun Stone
  56. Sidequest: The Rainbow Shell
  57. Optional Quest: The Black Omen
  58. Travel to the Day of Lavos and save the world from Apocalypse