Treasure: Found in Melchior's Hut – 1 shown
The particular part of the area where this treasure is found
Notes on the specific location of the treasure and details on non-standard treasures
Masamune Basement Bring Melchior the Bent Hilt, Bent Sword, and Dreamstone
Shop Goods: Sold in Melchior's Hut – 9 shown
The price to buy this item at this shop; in the Prehistoric era, some shops require items for trade rather than money
Notes on the particulars of this shop, such as its location or special conditions regarding its list of goods
Shop Note
Red Katana 4,500 G -
Robin Bow 2,850 G -
Plasma Gun 3,200 G -
Hammer Arm 3,500 G -
Titan Vest 1,200 G -
Tonic 10 G -
Mid Tonic 100 G -
Heal 10 G -
Shelter 150 G -
Weapons: Found in Melchior's Hut – 1 shown
Unique weapons can only be found as treasure or in other limited fashions; rare weapons can also be dropped by or charmed from non-boss monsters; ultimate weapons the most powerful arms available; key items are unique and vital to the plot; starting weapons are weak but uniquely given to each character when they first join the party
The base bonus to damage granted by this weapon; the higher this number, the more damage a character deals when attacking
The status ailment that may be inflicted by this weapon's attack
The cost to buy this weapon in a shop, if it is available for sale; some weapons can be earned in trade rather than bought
The value of an weapon when sold to a shop; not all weapons can be sold
Masamune Frog 75 - - - -