Statuses – 11 shown
Negative statuses are harmful, while beneficial statuses help the recipient in some way
Whether this status effect is beneficial or harmful; only harmful effects are removed by status-curing effects
Death Harmful Instantly sets HP to 0
Poison Harmful HP slowly decreases and attack power is reduced
Slow Harmful Battle gauge speed is reduced
Sleep Harmful Sleeping characters take no defense, and their defense is reduced; they will wake up when hit
Chaos Harmful The character attacks random targets, possibly including their own allies
Darkness Harmful Physical accuracy is reduced
Lock Harmful Prevents Tech powers from being used
Stop Harmful Battle gauge is stopped, and the character can take no actions
Haste Beneficial Battle gauge speed is doubled
Protect Beneficial Decreases physical damage taken by 1/3
Magic Wall Beneficial Decreases magic damage taken by 1/3