Statuses – 11 shown
Negative statuses are harmful, while beneficial statuses help the recipient in some way
Whether this status effect is beneficial or harmful; only harmful effects are removed by status-curing effects
Chaos Harmful The character attacks random targets, possibly including their own allies
Darkness Harmful Physical accuracy is reduced
Death Harmful Instantly sets HP to 0
Haste Beneficial Battle gauge speed is doubled
Lock Harmful Prevents Tech powers from being used
Magic Wall Beneficial Decreases magic damage taken by 1/3
Poison Harmful HP slowly decreases and attack power is reduced
Protect Beneficial Decreases physical damage taken by 1/3
Sleep Harmful Sleeping characters take no defense, and their defense is reduced; they will wake up when hit
Slow Harmful Battle gauge speed is reduced
Stop Harmful Battle gauge is stopped, and the character can take no actions