Endings – 12 shown
The name of the ending, as given in the Final Fantasy Chronicles release of the game; special endings can generally only be reached during New Game+
When during the plot to complete the game in order to see this ending; note that in most cases you will only be able to see an ending during a New Game+, when certain means are available to fight the last boss at any time
Complete the Game...
Beyond Time After traversing Death Peak
Reunion After the Blackbird, but before traversing Death Peak
The Dream Project Before following Marle, or defeat Lavos in the Ocean Palace
The Successor of Guardia After rescuing Marle, but before the Trial
Good Night After reaching the End of Time, but before the battle at Zenan Bridge
Legendary Hero After the battle at Zenan bridge, but before finding the Hero Medal
The Unknown Past After receiving the Hero Medal, but before the Gate Key is stolen
People of the Times After retrieving the Gate Key, but before giving Frog the Masamune
The Oath After giving Frog the Masamune, but before the battle with Magus
Dino Age After the battle with Magus, but before the battle with Azala
What the Prophet Seeks... After the battle with Azala, but before Schala opens the magic seal in the Ocean Palace
A Slide Show? After Schala opens the magic seal in the Ocean Palace, but before powering up the pendant